•   •  Are there people who do not deserve our love?
  •   •  Why won't I heal?
  •   •  Nothing goes right for me - is it my karma to continue like this?
  •   •  How can I be abundant?


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Being Connected

  •   •  How have we become so disconnected from one another, from the universe?
  •   •  Is it possible to talk to one another via energy only?
  •   •  Why do we believe that connecting to higher beings is necessary?
  •   •  Is tolerance something that unifies us or separates us?

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  •   •  What does it mean to be the observer and the observed?
  •   •  Can we affect a transformation by observing it?
  •   •  Can an experience of change become cellular memory or instinct?
  •   •  Do we have to find meaning in everything we notice?

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  •   •  Is freedom an illusion?
  •   •  Can expectations prevent us from experiencing true freedom?
  •   •  How do I deal with wanting to do something but not feeling free to do it?
  •   •  Is our sense of freedom constrained by reality?

Available May 15, 2019



Becoming Multidimensional - Defining IT

  •   •  Are we at our next evolutionary stage?
  •   •  Moving from belief into knowingness - what does that mean?
  •   •  Are we somehow aware of our own eternity?
  •   •  Do I have to have faith in order to experience eternity?

Available July 15, 2019