The Inner Compass Series – All Episodes


Reroute your inner compass and find your true voice.

The Inner Compass Course Series gives a voice to those questions and thoughts that are difficult and even taboo to express, and through transparent and intimate storytelling, Dr. Eric Pearl and Jillian Fleer will inspire the answers and solutions in you as they start blossoming from within your own essence.


  • Learn to recognize habits and perceptions that are keeping you from fully trusting your instinct.
  • Expand your self-understanding and your relationship with the thoughts and emotions that love, forgiveness, abundance, worthiness, healing, chaos, karma, judgment, freedom and change bring up for you.
  • Sviluppa modi efficaci di esaminare la tua bussola interiore e porta la tua vita ad essere un racconto più coerente.
  • Continue your personal discovery with the official workbooks designed specifically for each of the four segments.
  • Episodes include Worthiness, Reconnecting Your Life, Change, Freedom and  Becoming Multidimensional
  • The Inner Compass Series expands on, and explores in a more intimate level, a variety of key themes and concepts initiated in the Online Essentials.




  • Ci sono persone che non meritano il nostro amore?
  • Why won’t I heal?
  • Nothing goes right for me – is it my karma to continue like this?
  • How can I be abundant?

Being Connected 

  • How have we become so disconnected from one another, from the universe?
  • Is it possible to talk to one another via energy only?
  • Why do we believe that connecting to higher beings is necessary?
  • Is tolerance something that unifies us or separates us?


  • What does it mean to be the observer and the observed?
  • Can we affect a transformation by observing it?
  • Can an experience of change become cellular memory or instinct?
  • Do we have to find meaning in everything we notice?


  • Is freedom an illusion?
  • Can expectations prevent us from experiencing true freedom?
  • How do I deal with wanting to do something but not feeling free to do it?
  • Is our sense of freedom constrained by reality?

Becoming Multidimensional: Defining IT

  • Are we at our next evolutionary stage?
  • Moving from belief into knowingness – what does that mean?
  • Are we somehow aware of our own eternity?
  • Do I have to have faith in order to experience eternity?


**Note: LOVE AND WORTHINESS and HEALING AND WORTHINESS are also part of The Portal (RH Online Level I Course).


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