REconnective Healing Distance Sessions

A Personal Message from Dr Eric & Jillian

We’re coming up on two years since we decided to open our schedule to facilitate Reconnective Healing Distance Sessions. This is one of the greatest things we’ve done for the continuation of our growth, spiritual expansion and relationship with this loving RH Intelligence. Facilitating your distance sessions allows us to stay close to you in the field observing your metamorphic healing and personal life progress. The language of this Intelligence – these frequencies – is reaching powerfully to us to grow our capacity to receive. Every distance healing contributes to the consciousness, coherence and harmony of your life, your family, your community and the planet.

With gratitude in our hearts, let us know how we can serve you.
– Eric & Jillian

Dr. Eric Pearl

Dr. Eric Pearl

Dr. Eric Pearl ran a chiropractic practice in Los Angeles before discovering Reconnective Healing. One day, his patients began to report healings when he simply held his hands near them, without him physically touching them. 
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Jillian Fleer

Jillian Fleer

Jillian Fleer is the Head of Insight and Development. In collaboration with Dr. Eric Pearl, she oversees the direction and vision for The Reconnection and The Reconnective Healing global community. 
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  • Please be in a quiet room where you can relax – and preferably lie down – at your predesignated time (if you are more comfortable in a seated position, that’s fine too). Whether you scheduled with Eric or Jillian, they will begin your session at the planned time. Make sure your phone is turned off.
  • Set a timer for 35 minutes after your session is scheduled to wake you in case you fall asleep.
  • Sessions are facilitated for 30 minutes.
  • Let go, release your expectations… and observe, notice and experience!
  • It’s possible that you may feel strong physical sensations. Please allow yourself to enjoy this.
  • When your timer goes off, turn your phone back on.
  •  We will call and speak to you about your experience if you like. This is what we call a “session debrief” (approximately 10-15 minutes).” Your call will come in from an unidentified phone number, so please know to answer it.
  • If you prefer, we are happy for you to tell us about your experience via email instead of by phone.
From your Reconnective Healing Distance Sessions you might experience:
  • Transformative healing – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, relationship, prosperity, abundance, career path, life progress… and more!
  •  A boost to your vitality, clarity and/or productivity
  •  New awareness and insights in areas in your life that matter to you
  •  A newfound sense of inner peace and inspiration
Dr. Eric Pearl & Jillian Fleer

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