Bhairavi Mehta

Bhairavi Mehta is an Environment Engineer by her Academic Profession. She has also studied Clinical Hypnotherapy due to her interest in the way the sub conscious mind works. Compelled by the need to help her husband cure Gout she studied various Alternative Healing Modalities like Chakra Healing, Crystal Healing, Thetha Healing, Foreign Energy Dynamics etc. But not getting the desired results Bhairavi was in quest of something different something simple yet profound.

Fortunately, her search came to an end, when her friend mentioned Dr. Eric Pearl, She read about his works, and the same night she felt the reconnection as if she has some Metaphysical experiences. To gain more knowledge she felt a strong need to attend his training.

Bhairavi came across Dr. Eric Pearl’s Website and then the journey began there was no looking back for her. Her husband at last received a permanent healing to his chronic Gout Condition. Since 2010 she practices only Reconnective Healing and has witnessed healing for ailments like cancer. coma, spinal disorders, kidney problems, Panic n Anxiety, Depression, ADHD etc. in her own practice.

Bhairavi Mehta is proud to be associated with The Reconnection Teaching  Team as a Teaching Assistant to Dr. Eric Pearl. Her journey with this work has been miraculous. She has immense faith in this work and is passionate to take Reconnective Healing Frequencies far n wide spreading the joy around the planet.