Guglielmo Poli

Guglielmo Poli is the Director of Reconnective Academy International. He is the global Event Organizer for the ONE Experience, the Catalyst, and Reconnection Certified Practitioner Programs. Guglielmo is also the Co-Director of The Reconnection, an International Instructor, and a full-time Practitioner. Together with Dr. Eric Pearl, he has taught an incredible number of training programs around the world. Guglielmo has helped thousands of people to access the Reconnective Healing Frequencies.

Personal philosophy of life

In addition to Legal and Psychological studies and a Master’s in HR Management, Guglielmo also attended the most diverse training courses, always grasping their essence. This wealth of information allowed him to have the prestigious task of writing the Preface for the new edition of the Bhagavad-Gita in Italy. He was able to create his own personal philosophy of life applicable to anyone to increase their quality of life and well-being.

The inheritance of Dr. Eric Pearl

Guglielmo Poli is the Co-Director of The Reconnection and the Director of Reconnective Academy International. He guides a team of 120,000 practitioners on the planet and travels around the world teaching Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection. Guglielmo is also responsible to train new International Instructors. These Instructors will bring the inheritance of Dr. Eric Pearl onto the planet sharing the truth and the beauty of Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection.

Discovering the origins of humankind

He loves art, philosophy, travel, and discovering as much as possible about the origins of humankind. Guglielmo never stops in his studies to be always updated in his speeches and conferences.

In Italy, Guglielmo Poli has given more than 400 presentations in 12 years helping expand the Reconnective Healing Italian Community, and has been interviewed on important mainstream media channels such as “Sky TG24” and “Corriere della Sera”. Guglielmo is always on the road, seeking to expand the awareness about Reconnective Healing. He is currently living in Switzerland where he is managing Reconnective Academy International which he created.