Malu Nóbrega

Malu Nóbrega has been working in the health field for 30 years as a holistic therapist. She has been working on Dr Eric Pearl’s International Team since 2012. Dr. Eric and his work have entered Malu’s life as a dream. Malu saw herself spending a whole night standing in her living room attending to people at distance and without getting tired. Since then she has been working exclusively with Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection and allowing the frequencies to guide her life.

Alignment of the Self

Malu focuses is on the alignment of the Self for its integral development. Her work aims to form partnerships where the clients take hold of their abilities and develop their best way of experiencing the important values in their lives. Thus expanding the field of possibilities connected to the essence of each one of us.

In Brazil, Malu Nóbrega is the International Associate Instructor of The Reconnection and administers the Certified Reconnection® Professional Program. This is an achievement for all the professionals of the country who wish to deepen their work with the frequencies of Reconnective Healing.

Developing excellence

Malu works as a Coach mainly in the career area where she is the author of the Project 100% Therapist. Its goal in this project is to bring professionals in the field information and improvement paths so that they can develop their careers and live 100% as Holistic Therapists. Malu supports Holistic Therapists in developing excellence in their work.  Their focus makes leverage challenges for the development of a new professional consciousness.

Malu has a degree in Physiotherapy from IBMR and Education from UFRJ. Postgraduate in Acupuncture with specialization in Pain Clinic Training, in Transformation and Integral Self Organization by Infindha. Training in Ericksonian Hypnosis by The Institute for Trauma Release Therapy and Global Institute for Trauma. Resolution Accredited by the American Board of Hypnotherapy.

Training in Coaching certified by the ICC – International Coaching Community. Training in Reconnective Healing® and the Reconnection® with Eric Pearl and Pat Atanas. Mentor and International Instructor of Dr Eric Pearl’s team.