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About Reconnective Healing®

Reconnective Healing® is a return to Wholeness; it is Life Progress. At the forefront of its field is a new level of healing that scientists and researchers feel we can access for the first time. It completely transcends traditional energy healing techniques. Therefore, we finally let go of the concept, approach, and even the need for a technique itself while including the benefits of all known energy healing methods. It is neither a therapy nor a treatment, as it does not focus on symptoms. The Reconnective Healing Experience is something much, much more.

Reconnective Healing® doesn’t require diagnosis, complicated steps, procedures or rituals. We simply interact with the Reconnective Healing frequencies, bringing about healings that are often instantaneous and tend to be lifelong. Accordingly, the only tools required are your awareness, consciousness and presence.

Reconnective Healing® is a return to an optimal state of balance that results from interacting with its fully comprehensive spectrum of frequencies consisting of Energy, Light & Information™. Recent studies have even shown that this spectrum brings about a distinctly beneficial transformation in our DNA. However, RH is received in its highest form when we allow ourselves to release expectations. Following this, it restores coherence and harmony in our lives and transforms our bodies, hearts, minds, and souls – physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and in many ways that otherwise may seem impossible.

These new frequencies of healing and evolution first became known to the scientific community when discovered by Dr. Eric Pearl. Today Reconnective Healing is taught by the Co-Directors of The Reconnection, Guglielmo Poli, Rob Koenig & the Global Teaching Team. In conclusion, Reconnective Healing is easily learned by everyone… now you, too, can master this extraordinary work!

To attend any of our in-person training programs, you can visit our education partner, The Reconnective Academy

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Discover what Reconnective Healing® is and how it works in our free, downloadable ebook! Learn about energy healing and the science that backs Reconnective Healing®. Explore the many ways that healing takes place and have the opportunity to experience its remarkable benefits. Find out for yourself why this healing approach has been called “the direct path to healing.” It includes easy-to-follow graphics and three video exercises. Narrated by Dr. Eric Pearl. Available in English only.

In This Reconnective Healing® Ebook You’ll

  • Learn about Energy Healing, and why you can tap into it
  • Discover the connection between multiple dimensions and the Reconnective Healing® Experience
  • Explore what happens in a Reconnective Healing® session
  • Follow three video exercises to help you connect and interact with the RH frequencies


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