Reconnective Healing is an established non-touch energy healing approach without complicated steps, equipment, procedures, or rituals. It is scientifically supported and known to facilitate significant advancement in all areas of daily life: physical wellbeing, mental clarity, inner emotional peace, and spiritual life growth. In this guide, you’ll learn about all the benefits you could experience through Reconnective Healing and how to learn to receive these healing frequencies.


Reconnective Healing (or RH) is an established non-touch energy healing approach without complicated steps, equipment, procedures, or rituals. It is scientifically supported and known to facilitate significant advancement in all areas of daily life: physical wellbeing, mental clarity, inner emotional peace, and spiritual life growth..

In this mini-guide, you’ll learn about all the benefits you could experience through Reconnective  Healing and how to learn to receive these healing frequencies.

Download our mini-guide to Reconnective Healing here
Download our mini-guide to Reconnective Healing here

Getting to Know Reconnective Healing

We've broken down the definitive information about Reconnective Healing into easy, short segments:


Chapter 1 - Introduction to Reconnective Healing

Reconnective Healing is a GameChanger

Unlike energy healing modalities, Reconnective Healing is relatively new to humanity. Dr. Eric Pearl discovered it at his chiropractic office in 1993. One day, Dr. Eric realized that extraordinary healings were taking place by simply moving his hands around his patients.

These miraculous happenings quickly escalated into sudden voice channelings coming from over fifty of his patients during the following three months. Despite being a self-professed non-believer at the time, Dr. Eric was instantly aware that something bigger than himself was taking place. Instead of blocking or denying the gift he was receiving, he allowed it to become his life’s focus. 

He eventually published his story in the internationally best-selling book The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself (published by Hay House and now in 40 languages). Dr. Eric followed it up with the collection of channeled messages that Dr. Eric received over approximately 20 years through his patient Frederick Ponzlov, published as Solomon Speaks On Reconnecting Your Life (Hay House).

The information conveyed via these channeled messages inspired Dr. Eric to name this energy Reconnective Healing.

Images of the books The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself and Solomon Speaks On Reconnecting Your Life


Click below to watch a short video about why this healing approach is called Reconnective Healing


WHY IS IT CALLED RECONNECTIVE HEALING? Reconnective Healing takes its name for the repeated emphasis on the word “reconnect,” as received in the phrases and in countless other conversations with an intelligent being we named Solomon. In November 1993, three months after the patients started to speak the same six phrases over and over, the channeling stopped as suddenly as when it began. These six phrases were: WE ARE HERE TO TELL YOU TO CONTINUE DOING WHAT YOU ARE DOING, WE ARE HERE TO TELL YOU TO CONTINUE DOING WHAT YOU ARE DOING, WHAT YOU ARE DOING IS RECONNECTING STRANDS, WHAT YOU ARE DOING IS RECONNECTING STRANDS, YOU MUST SEE YOU ARE A MASTER or YOU MUST KNOW YOU ARE A MASTER, and WE’VE COME BECAUSE OF YOUR REPUTATION. Only one patient, Frederick Ponzlov, continued to be able to channel the voices. Dr. Eric and Fred spent countless hours recording these channeling and eventually transcribing them – a multi-year effort. They were able to identify at least three distinct beings as the originators of the messages. Dr. Eric and Fred named two of them Aaron and Solomon. In 2013, their transcribed conversations were compiled into a book, Solomon Speaks on Reconnecting Your Life. Solomon continued to communicate the longest, becoming the principal source for our understanding of the frequencies. “RECONNECTING STRANDS” Science has widely demonstrated that upon minimal interaction with the RH frequencies, our DNA starts to change. Observation tells us that the main objective of these changes may be to make molecular adjustments, so we become perfectly tuned to the RH frequencies. While affecting healing as it’s needed, the frequencies may also be reconnecting DNA strands that have lied dormant for eons. ARE THERE MORE THAN TWO STRANDS OF DNA? Several theories have been proposed that, as humans, we possess extra strands of DNA that may have purposely been “turned-off” at some point in our evolution, severely impairing whole untapped abilities. But could Reconnective Healing be doing more than just optimizing our DNA? “RECONNECTING STRINGS” At first, “reconnecting strings” was misunderstood as “reconnecting strands.” It wasn’t until more properties were observed in the interaction with the RH frequencies that the connection was made with string theory. Reconnective Healing reveals a multidimensional REALITY. String theory maintains that everything is made of tiny vibrating filaments. It also describes the existence of multiple dimensions, which help explain forces such as electromagnetism. As demonstrated by science, Reconnective Healing is considered a quanm process that exerts instant changes to our biology and the environment. It connects us with a reciprocal universe through what Quantum Physics calls quantum entanglement. Through our interaction with the RH frequencies, we experience quantum entanglement consciously: it makes itself tangible. With each new exchange via entanglement, our vibrational frequency changes, effecting a profound transformation to our mass, energy, and biophotonic integrity. And, as we observe nonjudgmentally as witnesses, we simply become catalysts for this entanglement, allowing the Intelligence to direct and implement the new evolutionary tools each of us needs.

Science research quickly showed that Reconnective Healing is comprised of a comprehensive spectrum of frequencies that appears to include all known energy healing frequencies. Scientists and researchers also observed that the Reconnective Healing frequencies effect expanded benefits, such as those documented while testing science-induced damaged DNA.

In these experiments, the intentionally damaged DNA that lost its ability to remain in its natural and healthy coiled double-helix state and the DNA with previously existing damage, self-repaired and healed when exposed to the Reconnective Healing frequencies. As a result, it coiled back up into its normal, healthy state, something that had been impossible for isolated DNA to do. We’ll look in detail at the results of these experiments in  Chapter 2.  

Scientists, researchers, practitioners, and those receiving healing have observed how changes occur, covering what seems to be an infinite array of healing possibilities. Some changes are at the molecular level and invisible to the naked eye; others are tangible and obvious. The way healings and changes manifest is why it’s widely believed that the RH frequencies are reconnecting and restructuring our DNA.

How Reconnective Healing® May be Reconnecting Our DNA and Rewiring Our Being


Establishes a capacity to receive and interact with the Reconnective Healing frequencies.


Our DNA has not only been observed to be repaired in a very short period of time, but it also receives “downloads” of information that upgrades it to an optimal state.


One of the most often reported changes is suddenly developing extrasensory perception (ESP) including precognition, retrocognition, clairvoyance, mediumship, clairsentience, clairaudience, telepathy, clairalience and clairgustance.


Communication via energy suddenly becomes possible, allowing for conscious interaction with the RH Intelligence, the multiverse, the information in the Quantum Field – and with one another.


The ability to consciously step out of our current timeline and space-time boundaries and enter into parallel universes and timelines – what science has termed quantum teleportation.



It was also noticed how easily transferable these frequencies are. By simply being in their proximity is often enough to be able to start to perceive them. In a broad sense, these Reconnective Healing frequencies are Energy, Light & Information® that easily “jump” from person to person and bring about lasting beneficial changes.

Anyone coming in contact with the RH frequencies will receive healing.

Image that explains how the Energy, Light & Information exchange via Reconnective Healing happens simultaneously.
Image of how Energy, Light & Information actually work in Reconnective Healing

Dr. Eric Pearl, founder of The Reconnection and Reconective Healing®, and Jillian Fleer, Head of Insight and Development at The Reconnection

As he continued to expand his understanding of the RH frequencies, Dr. Eric recognized that he could help others learn how to use Reconnective Healing and has taught countless thousands of people around the planet through his training programs. As a result, Dr. Eric has seen Reconnective Healing reach every corner of the earth.

With the support of The Reconnection International Team of Mentors & Instructors, Dr. Eric has established a presence in almost every country.

And through Jillian Fleer, Dr. Eric’s partner and Head of Insight and Development for The Reconnection LLC, Reconnective Healing continues to expand everywhere. As Dr. Eric has observed his own growth and understanding of Reconnective Healing, he realizes there is still more that these healing frequencies offer, something that goes infinitely beyond healing.

Through the inspiration provided by Jillian, the realization of Reconnective Healing as an experience has come into being. What does this mean?

We know that hundreds of thousands of people have discovered that Reconnective Healing is a simple, powerful way to heal. Yet, a much larger picture of what happens in every interaction has emerged through their healing stories.

They’ve also come to recognize that they have been able to transcend their concept of living in 3 dimensions (3D), as well as move past their perceived limitations. They have experienced their connection with everyone and everything, the universe and beyond. They’ve had what can only be termed a Reconnective Healing Experience.

Considering the scope of what has been observed, noticed, and experienced during virtually each RH interaction and how these bring about profound changes, the Reconnective Healing Experience is the ultimate vehicle for healing, personal growth, and profound life progress.

Guglielmo Poli, left, and Rob Koenig, right, are the co-directors of The Reconnection. They oversee The Reconnection international team of instructors and mentors.
Guglielmo Poli, left, and Rob Koenig, right, are the co-directors of The Reconnection. They
oversee The Reconnection international team of instructors and mentors. Guglielmo is also the
founder of The Reconnective Academy, and leads our global in-person training programs.

Chapter 2: Understanding Energy Healing

How Energy Connects Us All

True Energy Healing (not to be confused with energy medicine, such as medical radiation-based treatments) is a crucial component of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM, also referred to as Integrative Healing). It’s considered a modality or technique in which the practitioner (or healer) harnesses a subset of energy frequencies and directs them into those who need them, generally concentrating on the area perceived as requiring healing. There are many energy healing modalities, such as multiple forms of Reiki and Qi Gong, Jin Shin, Jin Shin Jitsu, Johrei, pranic healing, crystal healing, hands of light, acupuncture, touch of light, EFT tapping, polarity balancing, chakra balancing, aura cleansing, and shamanic healing (to mention the better-known ones). We’ve recently seen Healing Touch, Quantum Healing, and Matrix Energetics also coming into the energy healing arena.

Using energy to heal has been with us very possibly since our very first steps as human beings on Planet Earth. The fact that humanity can access energy to heal others and ourselves tells us that each of us is equipped to do this: we are all born with the ability to interact with frequencies and vibrations. The reason we are naturally able to access energy this way is that we are made of energy. Science has demonstrated that each of us is, physically speaking, nothing but a congregation of molecules vibrating at incredible speeds and, therefore, we are energy itself.

While the energy healing techniques vary in approach and steps, they pretty much all share these same essential elements. The practitioner focuses on sending energy into a specific area that the client has determined needs fixing. Reconnective Healing doesn’t work that way.

One of the most exciting aspects of Reconnective Healing is that it doesn’t behave like any energy healing modality, technique, or therapy. Instead, Reconnective Healing acts like nothing else we know in healthcare and healing and even science!

A conduit allows for energy to be channeled through them. However, without becoming a channel themselves, a catalyst provides the spark needed for the connection between the person receiving the healing and the Reconnective Healing frequencies.

As more scientists research RH, it has shown that with every interaction, an entrainment - what may have once been called the alignment or attunement - occurs between the person receiving the healing and the practitioner facilitating the healing. Entrainment happens when a dominant high vibration incites lower vibrations to raise their vibratory speed to match the dominant one. For example, in Reconnective Healing, the molecules of someone who is vibrating slower than the practitioner automatically increase their speed and reach the higher vibrational frequency of the RH practitioner. This entrainment is how the connection first occurs.

Image that explains how Reconnective Heaing is different from energy healing modalities

The healing / experience itself happens via what Quantum Science can only describe as quantum entanglement. Entanglement is a type of synchronization between two molecules separated by time and space and through which they exchange information instantaneously. Physicist and Professor Emeritus at Stanford University Dr. William Tiller, Department of Material Science and Engineering, who’s studied RH in-depth, concluded that entanglement was taking place between those interacting with the Reconnective Healing frequencies of Energy, Light & Information through a healing/experience and what he called a “reciprocal space.”

Physics, Quantum Physics and Reconnective Healing
Image that introduces the three tangible stages of interaction with the Reconnective Healing frequencies.
Explanation of entrainment with the Reconnective Healing frequencies
Four tuning forks entrain to the same vibration
Explanation of entanglement with the Reconnective Healing frequencies
Two photons divided by space and time remain entangled and communicating despite the odds.
Explanation of reciprocal universe and the Reconnective Healing frequencies
Scientific measurements show an excees of free thermodynamic energy that suddenly appears wherever Reconnective Healing takes place

And Dr. Glen Rein, through his DNA studies, was the first to discover that, unlike all known energy behaviors, the RH frequencies and the connection do not diminish with distance. They don’t fade, and they don’t weaken. Instead, while observing and measuring healings at his research lab, he concluded that distance strengthens the effects of any interaction with RH.

Effects of Reconnective Healing® on Human DNA

blue circle with number inside THE EXPERIMENT

Dr. Rein and his team denatured (partially unwound) human DNA with hot water. Some samples were exposed to RH and others remained untouched as control. The results would be observed in real-time.

blue circle with number insidePREVIOUS FINDINGS

Dr. Rein had already done similar tests with Reiki and Qi Gong practitioners, and had found that their healing intervention slowed down the rewinding of the DNA, which rewound back naturally after a while. Dr. Rein expected to see the same results with the Reconnective Healing practitioners.

blue circle with number insideRESULTS

Contrary to their expectations, the DNA exposed to Reconnective Healing rewound faster than the one exposed to Reiki and Qi Gong, and faster than the control samples.



But that's not all. Dr. Rein's other unexpected findings included the following:

Image that explains how Reconnective Healing gets stronger with distance, is a quantum process and is effected by a non-directed intelligence
Human DNA spiral shows extra hydrogen bonds that have been observed to form in a Reconnective Healing interaction.

“The ability of Reconnective Healing practitioners to increase rewinding of DNA means more hydrogen bonds are formed and more quantum fields are generated. It is therefore probable that Reconnective Healing energies induce quantum processes in DNA. “

- Glen Rein, PhD Director of Quantum Biology Research Lab, Ridgway, CO, USA


Chapter 3: The Benefits of Reconnective Healing

The Infinite Gifts RH Brings

Without a doubt, every single Reconnective Healing Experience holds the potential to bring about meaningful changes and personal growth, as scientific research and testimonials indicate and continue to tell us. We also observe that the healing is often instantaneous and tends to last a lifetime.

How Reconnective Healing® Benefits Us

The following list includes some of the most often-reported benefits observed and received through interaction with the Reconnective Healing frequencies.

blue circle with check mark inside HEALINGS physical (broken bones, hereditary conditions, cancer, blindness, deafness, cardiovascular disease, skin problems, etc.), mental (psychosis, autism, etc.), emotional (anger, unhappiness, depression, anxiety, etc.), and spiritual (spiritual detachment, lack of life’s purpose, etc.)

blue circle with check mark inside AWARENESS An expanded awareness of your inner self and your true needs 

blue circle with check mark inside INNER PEACE A deep sense of peace and calm

blue circle with check mark inside MENTAL CLARITY It's suddenly easy to make decisions, to resolve issues, to have direction and purpose in life

blue circle with check mark inside CONNECTION A sense of connection with everyone and everything

blue circle with check mark inside WELLNESS AND BALANCE We experience a sense of well-being, of being in balance within ourselves and in our lives

blue circle with check mark inside INSPIRATION We "find our muse" instantaneously

blue circle with check mark inside ACCEPTANCE We start to accept ourselves with ease and stop questioning our worthiness / self-worth

blue circle with check mark inside NEW ABILITIES Previously unknown or latent talents emerge

blue circle with check mark inside SYNCHRONICITY Synchronicities become a more recognizable and common occurrence in our daily lives

blue circle with check mark inside SEAMLESS CHANGE Change often becomes more seamless and our resistance to it becomes less powerful

blue circle with check mark inside JOY Joyfulness becomes more frequent and our sense of appreciation often shows up more readily

blue circle with check mark inside INSTINCTUAL RESPONSE INCREASES Our instinct becomes sharper, helping us guide our daily life in a more beneficial way

blue circle with check mark inside KNOWINGNESS A sense of “knowing” without understanding or needing to know “why”

blue circle with check mark inside LIFE GETS RE-ORGANIZED Re-organizing of life and living environments are mentioned frequently

blue circle with check mark inside RELATIONSHIPS AND INTIMACY IMPROVE Relationships smooth, enhance and develop while intimacy issues are frequently resolved or softened

blue circle with check mark inside BETTER COMMUNICATION Communication often becomes more inspired and fluid

blue circle with check mark inside EGO DISAPPEARS The ego takes a backseat, often effortlessly

blue circle with check mark inside CONTROL ISSUES VANISH There's a sudden shift from "being in control" to"being in the flow"

blue circle with check mark inside ANGER DISSIPATES Anger and temper issues dissipate

blue circle with check mark inside FRUSTRATION DISSIPATES Release of frustration happens easily

blue circle with check mark inside MORE LOVE Love becomes more abundant in your life

blue circle with check mark inside GREATER PATIENCE Patience shows itself more consistently

Receiving all the benefits the Reconnective Healing Experience offers is not limited to those seeking healing or looking to deepen their understanding of themselves and their place in the universe. We witness, time and again, that even casual exposure to the Reconnective Healing frequencies typically brings benefits to the recipient. Who can benefit, transform and evolve from Reconnective Healing?  Reconnective Healing is for everyone.

One of the most potent aspects of interacting with the Reconnective Healing Frequencies is that its benefits, healings or otherwise, always address and resolve something that is truly needed, not necessarily what we may think we need. Why? Because these changes are directed and guided by Universal Intelligence.

We often mistake our wants for our needs and focus on specific outcomes. Without knowledge of the whole picture, we don’t know what is truly most appropriate for us at this time. The intelligence in RH bypasses what our ego wants and aims to bring about the changes we genuinely need.

"If you’re lucky, your healing will come in the form you’re looking for… But if you’re truly fortunate, your healing will come in a form you haven’t even dreamed of, one that the Universe specifically has in mind for you!” 

- Dr. Eric Pearl

Dr. Eric himself noticed from the very beginning that, despite his best efforts, he could not direct nor control this intelligent energy. He soon realized that the more he tried to do so, the less powerful the healings were. He recognized that his expectations for results were creating a sort of interference and quickly learned to get out of his own way and let the Intelligence of Reconnective Healing - call it God, Love, Source, or the Universe - be the guiding force in every session.

However, when looking at the list of benefits that could come from a single Reconnective Healing Experience, allowing this intelligence to bring about what is needed becomes the simple and powerful choice.


Chapter 4: Receiving Healing

How to Connect with the RH Frequencies

The discussion about energy healing often centers around deciding whether this specific modality or that particular technique is the one you should use.When it comes to Reconnective Healing, it is pretty simple to recognize. Ask yourself the following:

  • Are you drawn to Reconnective Healing?

  • Did you *suddenly* realize you were aware of Reconnective Healing?

  • Is something about Reconnective Healing resonating with you in an oddly familiar way? 

If your answer is "yes" to any of these, then something in you, possibly at a cellular or molecular level, already recognizes Reconnective Healing. So at the core level of your very essence, you already know.

Receiving healing and all other benefits through Reconnective Healing is also simple. As a matter of fact, you’ve been interacting with the Reconnective Healing frequencies from the moment you started reading this mini-guide! In Chapter 5, we’ll show you a few exercises you can use to feel for, find and follow or stretch the RH frequencies.

What Happens in a Reconnective Healing® Session?

blue circle with number inside A SESSION CAN BE IN PERSON OR DISTANT (VIA DISTANCE)

The Reconnective Healing frequencies are interacted with through a session with an RH practitioner. The person receiving the healing may be present at the same location or in another place, even another country: distance doesn’t diminish the effects of the Reconnective Healing Experience.

blue circle with number insideIT'S A NON-TOUCH APPROACH

There is no need to touch the person requesting the healing at any time during the session since, as discovered by Dr. Glen Rein, being at a distance from the RH practitioner brings about the strongest effects.

blue circle with number insideNO RITUALS OR STEPS ARE REQUIRED

There’s no need for special clothing, amulets, candles, crystals, invocations, or other rituals. The approach is simple: as the RH practitioner entangles with the RH frequencies their vibration increases, causing their client to entrain with the RH frequencies instantaneously.

blue circle with number insideDURATION

A Reconnective Healing session typically lasts an hour: 30 minutes of interaction with the RH frequencies and 30 minutes total of briefing and debriefing with the practitioner (before and after the session).

blue circle with number insideRELEASING EXPECTATIONS

Reconnective Healing, the person receiving the healing will benefit from releasing their expectations about what they want and letting the Universe instead bring them the gifts they need.

As we’ve mentioned before, unlike energy healing modalities, in Reconnective Healing, energy is not sent, it is received. Therefore, the Reconnective Healing practitioner does not focus energy, hold sacred space, breathe in/breathe out energy, etc. Instead, RH practitioners train to learn to receive.

Why receiving instead of sending? Because the RH practitioner is not a conduit. Instead, the Reconnective Healing practitioner is a catalyst for connecting the Reconnective Healing frequencies and the person receiving the healing.

“When we say we receive energy, think of Bluetooth technology and how two apparently separate things pair up by becoming aware they are the same frequency.”  

  - Jillian Fleer

Thus, the Reconnective Healing practitioner “tunes in” to the Reconnective Healing frequencies while also “tuning in” to the person by placing their attention on them, allowing the vibrations to become one and allowing for this connection to take place. Since each of us is 100% capable of connecting with the intelligent energy of Reconnective Healing, you may be wondering if there’s anything else you need to do? While the entrainment happens automatically - our molecules always seek out the most elevated state of vibration/wellness - it is essential that we allow ourselves to receive these healing frequencies to experience Reconnective Healing fully.

We all have diverse beliefs and perceptions, and often people may have misgivings about allowing others near their energy field. Understandably, one may have reservations about someone channeling energy through them or into another. As a result, one may consciously (or unconsciously) try to block it.

Yet, since there is no channeled energy in Reconnective Healing, trusting its intelligence and opening ourselves up to the gifts the universe has in store for us will bring about the changes and healing that will bring great joy and benefit our lives.

A mature female and a young man learn how to interact with the Reconnective Healing frequencies at an in-person training program, the Level 2
Students at a Reconnective Healing training program learn to become catalysts for healing.

And, since the energy cannot be directed and has no need to be directed, our role is that of an observer, a witness, the same as with the RH practitioner. Trying to tell this intelligence where to go, what to do, or where we would like healing is simply not necessary. It knows what each of us needs.



Chapter 5: Healing Others, Healing Yourself

Learning to Interact with the RH Frequencies

Our perceptions and expectations tend to be the main reasons we decide whether or not to use complementary and alternative medicine (CAM, also called integrative medicine), and it’s very specifically true when it comes to energy healing. As we’ve mentioned before, the idea of someone channeling energy through them to heal you might trigger a feeling of vulnerability.

When Reconnective Healing entered our world and consciousness in 1993, it provided a vast paradigm shift about our understanding of healing and the very nature of who can heal and who can be a healer. So often a judgment is made about our worthiness and the worthiness of others when it comes to receiving and facilitating healing. The fact is:

a) Dr. Pearl discovered almost immediately that healings were often happening spontaneously to people he came in contact with regardless of their backgrounds or beliefs, and

b) He realized he could teach anyone to become a healer. These two discoveries tell us right away that no one needs unique attributes or abilities to receive or facilitate healing through Reconnective Healing.

Receiving the Reconnective Healing frequencies starts by simply allowing yourself to tune in to them. To help you experience them try the following exercises these two exercises from The Portal: Reconnective Healing Level l Online:

“You are worthy by the simple fact that you were born.”

- Dr. Eric Pearl

Let’s try something a little more advanced. Follow Dr. Eric’s instructions as he guides you through this next exercise:



What's Next?

The Reconnective Healing experience offers us gifts beyond the healing of physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual challenges. Thanks to the intelligent energy that uses these frequencies to connect with us, we can reconnect with our true selves, with everyone and everything in our world, with the universe, and with Source itself.

As our understanding and experience of Reconnective Healing continue to evolve so will the cornucopia of gifts it presents us with in every interaction.

Thank you for reading this guide. We hope it has brought you the information you seek, and we look forward to your comments and questions.

Many Blessings,

Dr. Eric, Jillian, and the Reconnection Team


Download our mini-guide to Reconnective Healing here
Download our mini-guide to Reconnective Healing here