Jillian Fleer

Jillian Fleer is the Head of Insight and Development. In collaboration with Dr. Eric Pearl, she oversees the direction and vision for The Reconnection and The Reconnective Healing global community. Jillian leads The Reconnection’s internal team and is co-instructor for online and worldwide live programs. Together with Teaching Team Directors – and over one hundred Mentors internationally – they have established Reconnective Healing as a professional practice industry leader in Energy Healthcare. In addition, Jillian oversees global partnerships, training programs, content development, program execution and business strategy.

Prior to The Reconnection, Jillian was a personal consultant and advisor to established global teachers and practitioners in the Healing Arts and Wellness industry.  She also led business operations and large-scale entertainment productions for multiple organizations. Combining her entrepreneurial skills and her experience as a seasoned executive, Jillian’s commitment is to ensure the integrity of The Reconnection’s mission:  To advance humanity into the next level of Human Evolution and Life Progress utilizing the spectrum of scientifically supported Reconnective Healing frequencies that reclaim wholeness, balance and health for all living things.

Meet the voice of Jillian Fleer - Head of Insight & Development at The Reconnection