Through a dynamic series of conversations, Dr. Pearl explores the Six Phrases that were delivered to him by more than fifty of his patients while they were in a Reconnective Healing® higher state of consciousness. These phrases were both a clear sign of, and a meaningful catalyst to, the understandings that would lead to the founding of Reconnective Healing.

Twice a month, for six months, we will gather together to discuss and entrain with the elegant vibration of these phrases. Each, in its own way, propels us into the confirmation that “We Are Enough” – enough to move forward in our life, enough to bring healing to ourselves, and enough to bring healing to others.

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Phrase I
“We are here to tell you to continue doing what you are doing.”

Dr. Pearl overcame great skepticism to share Reconnective Healing with the world, including his own. But, when the Universe is speaking to you so loudly… You start to listen.

Actionable Takeaway – We will explore what to do when we find ourselves hesitating… how to step forward whether we see the path or not.

Phrase II
“What you are doing is bringing light and information onto the planet.”

Through personal expressions and scientific inquiry, Dr. Pearl discovered the incredibly important truth that we are all capable of bringing healing to ourselves and to others.

Actionable Takeaway – We’ll contemplate the intelligence of our own physical makeup, down to the energetic molecular level… and explore how to harness the fact that everything in the universe is connected in this way.

Phrase III
“What you are doing is reconnecting strands.”

Reconnective Healing reconnects our DNA, which plays a role in realizing our greater intellectual coherency, physical capacity, and personal evolution.

Actionable Takeaway – We’ll explore strategies to find connection to our greater self.

Phrase IV
“What you are doing is reconnecting strings.”

We are a living explanation of a multi-dimensional existence right here and now… and we can connect to our multi-dimensional selves.

Actionable Takeaway – We will introduce you to some of the key concepts that will help your ability to perceive your connection to the Whole.

Phrase V
“You must see that you are a master. You must know that you are a master.”

Each of us has the ability to tap into the flow of our “being” and our knowingness. These phrases were not just to help Eric to come into his own mastery, but also to help you come into yours.

Actionable Takeaway – We will Observe what we do throughout the day that just happens, that’s second nature, like breathing and heartbeats, and then we will use that as a jumping-off point to Notice other ways in which we can extend our mastery, in which we can Experience our own abilities.

Phrase VI
“We’ve come because of your reputation.”

When the Universe speaks to us… what do we do? Do we respond from love or from fear?

Actionable Takeaway – We will explore ways to open ourselves, to move past fear and share more of ourselves with others.



For the new seeker… This is a rare opportunity to interact with Dr. Pearl and introduce you to the foundation upon which Reconnective Healing was revealed and developed into the philosophy, art & science that it is today.

For the RH Practitioner… This course will re-excite our wonder about Reconnective Healing, create greater depths of understanding, and help to expand communication with our clients and our community.


About the Six Phrases

Nearly 25 years later, these Six Phrases are just as relevant as the day they were first uttered. They are significant to the past, present and future of humanity, and of Reconnective Healing, which shows us how to become the new Energy, Light and Information of our planet.

Reconnective Healing has gracefully transformed millions – from individuality into oneness, from particle into wave, from those who are guided into those who may guide. By enveloping ourselves in the Six Phrases, and doing so in a community of like-minded seekers, we embrace what we already instinctually know about ourselves and our human evolution – that we are connected to everything and everyone.