The RH Experience

For the last thirty years the Reconnective Healing® Experience has brought instantaneous healing, deep transformation and accelerated evolution to countless people around the planet.  

We dedicate this page to their stories.

Oliver Sifkovits
Oliver has discovered that a lot of the fears he had have "evaporated" since RH came into his life...


Britta Heide
Britta, a Reiki master, is well-versed in healing modalities yet she calls her RH experience "extraordinary..."

Steve Lucescu
To Steve, it seems every single path he's ever taken always brings him back to Reconnectve Healing.

Elena C.
Elena was very sick yet did not know the extent of her health issues until Reconnective Healing® came into her life and transformed her... 


Robert Lopez
Robert found himself becoming calm and joyful from when he first interacted with the RH frequencies.

Kimberley Gates
Kimberley experienced a deep transformation thanks to her RH experiences.

Steven Crooks
Steve knew there was something more, something simpler. Then he found RH.


Lynne Wilce
For Lynne, her RH Experience has been an engagement with these frequencies on every level.

Michael had given up on ever finding relief. Then RH happened.

Kate Anthony
Because of RH, Kate has been able re-align a life path that is more for her.


Peter K.
Peter had been suffering from anxiety and panic attacks for a long time, often ending up in the hospital's emergency room...

Sandy Kreager
Sandy was searching the internet for energy healing when RH came up. She started watching videos and...

Graham Scheiblich
Graham found himself entraining strongly with the RH frequencies by just reading the book.


Cindy Ormiston
In 2011 Cindy was in an accident that left her with a nerve injury affecting her right arm, but the damage turned out to be more serious...

Alok Pandya
Alok experienced for himself the revealing of his hidden potential thanks to RH.

Angelica was young and full of vitality until quite suddenly she started to feel tired all the time...


Christoph Harringer
For Christoph, Reconnective Healing has been a source of ever-growing transformation.

Philip Ruffolo
Philip has been managing a very complex spinal condition since he was 16-years-old. Everything changed with RH...




What People Are Saying






Amanda Rieger Green had a serendipitous encounter with Reconnective Heaing that has inspired her to change her career path and explore her full potential.



When we share our RH Experience we help ourselves and others grow in understanding and apreciation for what these miraculous frequencies bring us.