We Appreciate YOU!


You are already sharing your Reconnective Healing experience with your community... Let us reward you for it!

 Reconnective Healing is meant to be shared, with our friends and family, colleagues and clients, even with perfect strangers on the bus. It is the very nature of the RH frequencies that they are simply never still… they are always reaching to us. In, through and around us… and it is our very presence as a receiver that allows for a healing to take place. 

As we share, we evolve.

As more people become curious about you, and the changes they see in you, you might choose to let them know about how the Online Essentials Portal (Level I) inspired you, and how the Live Immersion Weekend (Level II) expanded you. In wonder, they may ask you where they can become such a Catalyst for Healing.

Our Gift to You

This will happen more and more often, and we want to express our gratitude for your referral by inviting you to join our Reconnective Healing Affiliate Team. As an affiliate, you will:

  • Receive your own personal affiliate link, which you can give to anyone wanting to immerse themselves in the ever-expanding realm of RH offerings*
  • Receive a percentage every time anyone uses your link to register for our programs (Percentage may vary based on what is purchased by the customer)
  • Have a first-look at our next programs, workshops and courses.
  • Be an integral  in this process that is coming and expanding through each of us and help us grow the Reconnective Healing global tribe!


Has Reconnective Healing had a powerful impact on who you are and how life has expanded for you? Do you often find yourself speaking about Reconnective Healing and playing with the Frequencies because it just feels right? Do you enjoy sharing your Passion in Life with others?
Then, You are just the person to Experience the MOST from becoming an Affiliate for Reconnective Healing's Live Immersion Weekend (Level II) Training Programs. 

Affiliates on the O.N.E. Experience / Live Immersion Weekend Teams:

  • Shape the outreach for our O.N.E. Experience (Level I + Level II), Live Immersion Weekends (Level II), and Online Essentials (Level I) Training Programs;
  • Provide guidance on messaging as we spread the word about reconnecting with Reconnective Healing in our everyday lives;
  • Gather on Team Calls to share insight and receive guidance on personal experiences with Reconnective Healing with our Affiliate Team every 2-3 weeks.
  • Bring friends, family and clients to our O.N.E. Experience (O.N.E. = 8 hours of RH Online Essentials Coursework, PLUS, a Live Immersion Weekend)
  • Are supported with templates of approved marketing materials for your own use.
  • Have the powerful support of a team of fellow Practitioners and Mentors to help you along the way.

Affiliates on Live Immersion Weekend Teams are expected to:

  • Be a Reconnective Healing Foundational Practitioner in an active practice;
  • Be present on our Team calls;
  • Share your voice and ideas of how you have been inspired by RH and how you would like to inspire others to seek this incredible experience for themselves;
  • Offer insights on what has been your most profound experiences with RH, and why you choose to share on a global level;
  • Commit to participate in RH presentations - whether as a speaker (if you have been approved to do so), or to support another Practitioner who is speaking;
  • Post on your Social Media, upcoming event boards, or similar digital/physical community spaces where you might find those who could be interested in Reconnective Healing;
  • Be proactive in sharing Reconnective Healing in your local community.