Caroline Lagouge

Caroline Lagouge wishes as many people as possible to become conscious that  they are pillars of light bringing light and information onto the planet, harmony and peace. She is one of the instructors of the international team of the Reconnection. Caroline answers all your questions,  facilitates your sessions of Reconnective Healing in presence and distance and the personal Reconnection. She offers Mentor services. Living in France near Paris in Rambouillet 78 she used to travel around the world to teach with Eric Pearl and the international team. 

Caroline is taking part in the development of Love and Consciousness on the planet.

Throughout her professional life, she has always been following her passions: Dance, theater, Taichi, education,  healing in adjunct with médecine, and sharing communication and relationship with Nature.

For 30 years she explored different healing techniques until she encountered «The Reconnection» by Eric Pearl in 2013.  Reconnective Healing resonated perfectly with her spontaneous experiences of connection with “the source”.

At the time, her life was in total chaos. Before the first conference, in the room, she realized that her heart was full of joy and light! It has given her deep feelings of peace and trust. Since then, she has had extraordinary experiences with others by giving them the means to truly reconnect with their potential. Caroline is witnessing unexpected healings.  Above all, thanks to this reconnection to the source, she is witnessing amazing changes in consciousness. She observes significantly the freedom to be developed, the balance and solid grounding, the Love awakening place as well as the expansion of this wonderful feeling of unity in deep relation to nature and the universe.

For 40 years, she has never experienced anything more simple and effective for life progress and consciousness evolution.