For the last thirty years the Reconnective Healing® Experience has brought instantaneous healing, deep transformation and accelerated evolution to countless people around the planet. It has doubtlessly made a profound change in the lives of millions.
We have curated a selection of their transformative experiences below. We hope these healing stories inspire you, maybe even validate for you your own Reconnective Healing® Experience.

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My RH experience is helping me towards wholeness, be more at peace, giving me courage and to see the world, life, humanity and the universe with new eyes. It continues to be awesome with the realisation we are part of and are the I AM! I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of the RH community and for being alive. THANK YOU!”
Rhonda Lynne Fenwick

Healing comes in many different forms, for example in recognizing of “Who and what you really are”. This is probably a life long process, but it´s a bliss already when it starts and it´s grace and a blessing, when you can observe this process within yourself over the years. For me it feels like a beautiful and steady undertone lying underneath the different activities throughout the day. And this inner process shows itself organically in your outer world- so you can be at the same time the one, who observes this inner process and its unfolding in your daily life and at the same time you are the observed, means you are the one, who acts fully responsible throughout your day, actively creating your life by expressing the impulses you get from this inner evolutionary process. Living on the foundation of an awaken and continually awakening consciousness and awareness, you live your life more and more by following your joy, your heart and your inner voice, and so you create your life actively by expressing your divine nature. Enjoy discovering yourself!”
Karin Schilling

I believe that it is important to disclose distance Reconnective Healing testimonies, and more now that we are more connected globally. A few days ago I asked one of my clients in Guatemala (I am in Colombia) if she wanted to share her testimony and here I sent her in English and Spanish, in fact I had already shared it on my social networks in Spanish “Hi, I’m Grecia, I want to share my experience with distance Reconnective Healing. I contacted Marcela Barbotto after watching a video where she was interviewed and she talks about reconnection and reconnect healing and her experience. I decide to contact her and do the sessions at a distance. There were many sensations, the blinking of the eyes became immediate, cold on my legs as if I were in a cold room. I felt like my body was pressed against my bed and I tried to move and I could not, and for a moment I felt as if they were taking something out of my body. I saw blue bursts, and I felt very safe during the session. And something that surprised me, I felt as if I had only spent two minutes during the session. After the sessions I began to feel that my mind calmed down, I am more present, I have more energy. And something fantastic happened, I fell some years ago and I had a sprain on my left foot, and my left arm could not reach it up with the right, nor could I take it back, because I had difficulties doing it. And I realize a week later that my arm was normal !!!! And my foot that was left with a muscular contracture, was also perfect. And so I think I’ll discover more changes …”
Marcela Barbotto

“My most recent client’s name is Suzie. She is from Chicago, she has diabetes and fibromyalgia. The reason why she contacted me was because she really wanted to get rid of her physical challenges. Because of her short stay in LA she booked three sessions of Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection within 10 days period. I usually reserve an extra 20/30 minutes on the first session, time that I spend diving into the philosophy art and science of Reconnective Healing. Before starting the first session she really wanted to make sure to tell me all the issues that she was experiencing in her life, physically ,emotionally and professionally. During that little chat I told her about the importance of receiving with expectancy and without expectation, the beauty of being open to receive without having intention, focus or desire.. but simply by allowing the gift to come to you. She definitely wasn’t convinced at all. She wanted her challenge to go away. that’s it. Well, the whole “reconnective journey” was a beautiful blossoming process.So many transformations happened, session after session… new discoveries, new part of herself would bloom form inside out. At the end of this journey she told me that for the first time in 5 years she was able to have an entire walk on the boardwalk in Venice beach without stopping for the pain. And the funny part is that she told me that the real miracle of what these frequencies brought her was not physical. She said she started for the first time in her life to say NO THANK YOU, without feeling guilty or ashamed. She started to experience a deep sense of inner peace that nobody could take out from her. As she was hugging me at the end of the last session she said “I cannot wait to go back to Chicago and start over. Because this time I come first. “
Marco Alati

“A wonderful story told at the MBS Festival by one of my clients…. at a presentation Eric Pearl did many years ago in Sydney, there was a nurse who had an accident years before and metal plates in her arm restricted her ability to move. After a few minutes of a healing demonstration she could move her arm with no limitation. Many in the audience knew her and were awestruck at what they saw. My presentation in Cronulla on the weekend: after two minutes demonstration on the massage table the volunteer (who had never had Reconnective Healing before) said she felt something happening in her knee: “The two minute healing has improved bit of pain on my right knee. I still have bit of pain but it certainly has reduced. That is something. It is awesome.” Hi Julie, I would like to say a big thank you for the night that I attended on your free info night. On the way that Personal Reconnection Experience night whilst riding my bike I asked god to help me with a pressure I had had in my head for many years. When I laid there and you did your Reconnection Healing Demonstration for a minute or two, I felt a very strong crackling inside my head. Since that night I no longer experience this. I feel so free. Thank you for your good work. I’m 90% through the book and learning a lot. “
Zakdon Shadbolt Bali, Indonesia

“In 2011 I received my Reconnection. It was a profound experience! During the second session I felt my legs becoming „ alive “ like the very first time. My left body side became more incorporated, my heart and thymus gland enhanced. I felt like the Sleeping Beauty waking up after Eons of sleep. Walking home I felt every step touching the ground. Earth before was very dense, hard and cold for me. Now I felt Mother Earth, the warm, nourishing, living and loving Being. With every step I was in contact with IT and felt so blessed and grateful. From that day on my mind got more clear. Old patterns, blocks, habits, some people just dissolved. I felt more power and vitality, more alive and younger. My left body side sensation became fuller and sharper. I allowed my female intuitive feeling part to get integrated. This showed also by suddenly enjoying wearing dresses, skirts and playing with shapes and colours. I fell in love after years of a broken toxic marriage. I felt more in tune with LIFE. People asked me:„What happened to you? You are so different and shining?“ My personal Reconnection helped me to birth my- SELF in a great way. Since that day I know I am on the path. I feel embedded in Life. Divinity incorporates into my body. I AM. Sure, Life is a process. Evolution never ends. I walk my path and am in tune with Mother Earth and Father Sky. I still fall down, but I am getting up again and again, with a smile on my face, TRUST in my soul and LOVE in my heart.”
Brigitte Wuertele

“My original back/leg challenge started in March 2018. I experienced sharp lower back pain which I believe was a result of some heavy lifting while moving boxes. I thought a few days of Advil and ice would take care of it, but not so! The pain became so intense that I could hardly move and could not sleep. I resorted to taking pain meds that were left over from my friend’s dog’s surgery. Emotionally I was discouraged and frustrated. I first went to my chiropractor who did various manipulations and heat treatments. I also was receiving treatments from one of my friends who works with energy. Several friends were sending various healing energies. In the next months, I went to my general practitioner who prescribed a round of pain meds. There was some relief, but I was still in pain – lower back pain which radiated down my left leg. In June, I went to a pain specialist who ordered an MRI and confirmed that the L4-5 and L5-S1 discs were herniated and stenosis was causing nerves to be pinched. I was given an injection into my spine (considered “surgery” and administered under anesthesia at the surgery center). This did not totally relieve the pain – my lower back was better, but the pain and numbness continued in my left leg. A second injection was given about 3 weeks later. Finally, the pain was gone. However, my left leg still had numbness and my left foot dropped when I walked. I was frustrated that I could not walk normally, but grateful there was no longer pain. The numbness slowly disappeared and by fall of 2018, I was fine except for my left foot dropping. I could not control my foot. This caused me to limp and again, I was frustrated that I could not walk normally and could not keep up a normal speed while walking. On October 21,2018 I attended a presentation by Dr. Eric Pearl and Jillian Fleer at the Emergence 2018 Conference. I was intrigued by the description of Reconnective Healing and participated when the audience was asked to do an exercise with energy. I can’t say that I felt anything unusual. I was fascinated by the demonstration of healing on stage with a woman who could not raise her arms over her head before the healing and could easily raise her arms afterwards. I did not once think of any healing for myself – it never entered my mind. I walked back to my hotel room after the presentation not particularly thinking of the presentation except that I would re-read Dr. Pearl’s book. About two hours later, I walked back to the convention center to meet Suzanne Giesemann and other friends for dinner. As I was walking across the street, I was stunned to realize that my left foot was not dropping. I thought it must be my imagination, so I tried a few different steps. My foot was working fine! I forgot about it temporarily when I greeted my friends, but as I was walking next to Suzanne on our way to dinner, I started to say, “Suzanne I think my foot…” and Suzanne jumped in with, “You’re not limping!” We both were trying to process what was going on. Suzanne sent a text to Eric to ask, “What have you done to my assistant!?” My skeptic-self wanted to wait and see if my foot worked in the morning. It did. Then, my skeptic-self wanted to see if my foot was ok when I walked from gate to gate later that day in the airport. It did. Now, more than one week later, I am not limping. I have control of my left foot. Wow! It is amazing that without setting any intention or feeling like I “tuned into anything” during the presentation, I received this healing. Thank you, Eric and Jillian! Thank you spirit!”
Bev Garlipp

“This is how I came into this work from a quite grounded and rational background, which is research and engineering… (so there were, let’s say quite few chances I would become one day, a reconnective healing practitioner…) And I must recognize that this happened in such a way, that even a Cartesian mind like mines had to admit its evidence. Actually, at the time, I was already on what we could consider as a “spiritual search or path, or journey”, for about 20 years, in despite of the fact that I used to be someone being in control of everything, you now, putting much effort in calculating everything, making plan A, B, C, even D, in detail for any situation, trying to manage everything like I used to do in my job, – I used to be a project engineer in a corporate environment, and you know, this is what you do in project management, you do a plan, you evaluate risks, you mitigate them, in order to prevent or minimize failure, and this is what I had been doing for as long as I could remember… And I was so tired, that I must have been thinking that it has to be another way, much more effortless… and in this search I was trying to get and read whatever book I could find in the field, with preference of course for those supported by science – this was my left brained side; also I use to read, following my feeling of the moment, 2-3 books in parallel, easier than having to make choices, when you have more than one new good book release at a time. We are somewhere10 years ago, and among other many books, I had already bought more than 3 years earlier of that, Dr Pearl’s book, The Reconnection, Heal others, heal yourself, had put it into my library, but, curiously enough, it seemed that during all those years it was there, its tour simply hasn’t came…….yet, I had read many others…….when… that day, without any particular reason, I reached out and took it from the shelf and just started to read ……..and when I started, I simply couldn’t leave it…I read about a quarter of the book, when I felt like a wave of energy, vibrating and going all away through my entire body from top to toe, a very intense, distinct, recognizable mesmerizing perception, that I’d never had before… I tried to keep my composure, reminding me hat I was a more or less rational person who could hardly admit that just by reading about these frequencies I could already feel them… I was so amazed, that I couldn’t wait and went quickly to the back of the book to see where I could find more about this, ….I found the Reconnection website, went there, and,…. believe it or not, we were about Wednesday night and I saw that on Friday of the same week Dr. Pearl would come to give the very first seminar in Belgium, in Antwerp. And there, all of a sudden, all became very clear: starting that moment, I knew without any shadow of a doubt that I was going to be there that Friday, period! – and that, no matter what!….even if they were sold out, even if I was supposed to be at work late that Friday, and even if there was only one day left to accommodate all those details… And so it was!…….And starting this weekend of October 2008, exactly 10 years ago, since I came into contact with these frequencies, with this work, and have had my Personal Reconnection, it was like finally finding something I was waiting or searching for so long…it was like coming back home. It was resonating so perfectly with my own truth, so profoundly, that it became literally part of my life, and this has not only been limited to the RH and PR sessions in my practice, but I have been appealing it daily everywhere, at home, in my engineering work, in the street, at the supermarket, etc, because in reality, it is a philosophy of life and an art I was adopting, so I would say that more than using it, I have been really living it. And this has literally changed my life. And now, 10 years later, I’m even more amazed and grateful to so clearly recognize the real shift PR operated in my life, by simply bringing more clarity and ease to go through life, a broader perspective, making me knowing that no matter what, I will always be alright and all will always be all right for everyone … And most importantly, by literally putting me on my “life mission”, – when shortly after I became a practitioner -, it brought me the opportunity and the honor to witness so many spectacular transformations in other people live and this is so precious. To illustrate that, I would like to share few healing stories from my practice: Healing story 1 This is one of the healing stories I most prefer, simply because I did not know anything about what was going on with the person I was facilitating the healing for, meaning: reasons, expectations, diagnosis and so forth. Actually, I was in a big store, late in the afternoon, when a young lady for whom I had facilitated a RH and her PR some time ago, called for a Distance Reconnective Healing for her mother. There was a lot of noise around me, they were having a big advertising event with loud music and speaking, so I could hardly hear her voice. Actually, I believe I just could get 3 ideas: the emergency -since she was practically crying when asking me to facilitate 1 DRH for her mother the same evening asap and a second one the day after, I believe I have heard the word hospital, and then something about doctors not pronouncing themselves, or not giving much hope about I don’t know what. I told her I will facilitate the 1st DRH in about one hour and the 2nd one next evening, and so I did. Then I did not really think about, any more… The fact is that the day after the 2nd DH, she called me saying that she was so happy, because her mother entered from the hospital that morning and her hand was completely healed. As by that time I still didn’t know healed from what, she explained that following her mother diabetes, the blood circulation was interrupted in her limb’s extremities (hands and legs) and that she developed an infection in a finger that was operated on, but with big risks that the wound does not heal, doctors being very skeptical about this, envisaging and preparing her mother for an amputation. It would have been another more, since she had already been amputated a finger in similar circumstances. To make a long story short, this young lady was that impressed with her mother healing, that after this experience, she took the entire next training program, becoming herself a practitioner – SO, THIS WAS REAL LIFE PROGRESS. Healing story 2 This is about a young man, who was looking for a solution to appease the terrible pain caused by a Zona or Herpes Zoster, just having started few days before, on a large part of his back, with a rash skin. On arriving, he hardly could lie down on his back on the massage table, so it hurt him. We did the session and at the end, getting up, he said he no longer felt any pain and this already since the very beginning, a few minutes after starting the session. The next morning, he called me to tell that the rash on his back was gone, there was still some crust to fall, otherwise, his back was perfectly healed and clean. As you may know, this is a viral disease that affects the skin and nervous system and the skin rash is the acute phase of the disease. The complete cycle until the blisters dry up and form scabs and eventually fall may last 2 to 4 weeks. But the story does not end there, because two weeks later, he came back with a question: “is there any chance that the RH I had might have something to do with a radical change in the behavior of my girl friend? – Because we used to have, let’s say quite a difficult and complex relationship before (and I’m choosing my words, saying that), and precisely since then, she’s completely different, and moreover, this is like our relationship would become much more profound and committed”. And by the way, last week he invited me to their wedding… So here we have an example of how one can seek very specific outcome, on a physical level, and receive much more, in this case a deep transformation on a relational level. Healing story 3 This is the story of a young woman, 27 years old, never married, single parent for her son 7 years old. She has a strong character, the kind of young woman knowing exactly what she wants, who did not see any problem to decide and entirely assume her role of single parent and break her engagement for getting married while being three months pregnant. She uses to be very optimistic and full of joy, someone really loving life. She lost her mother, only 51 years old, after a long disease. There always has been a very strong fusional relationship between mother and daughter. The same day when her mother passed away, a very strange thing happened: suddenly she started feeling extremely bed, could not eat, heaving headaches and pain everywhere in her body, with in addition fever, sore throat, nose stuffed, no taste, no hearing at all, both ears being painful and completely blocked, so that she had to ask people to stay upfront in order to be able to read on their lips. In despite of antibiotics and other medicines her consulting physician had prescribed, not only there was not any improvement, but her state got worse and lasted the entire week after. The physical pain added to a serious depression made her having very difficult to carry out any elementary day to day gesture. The only efforts she still consented to do were linked to her son and even this was really very hard. Although the link between her disease and her mother death was very obvious, and finally accepted even by her medical doctor, the lack of reaction to the allopathic medicine could hardly find an explanation. When she came to see me, it was practically the first time she went out and she was really in very bad shape. I have facilitated her RH, and when we were done, even if she had quite difficult to emerge, once came back, she was so serene, a big smile on her face for the first time since weeks, telling me that she does not remember having felt so great since ages. But the big surprise was that she was earring now with her left ear, her nose was completely debloked, and her taste came back. No fever, no headache, not any pain in her body, just vanished. She told me she was feeling in perfect shape, having plenty of energy and like starving to do lots of things. She was feeling like being in peace and loving life again. The next morning she called me to tell that the right ear has also been completely debloked and that she was starting to re-paint and redecorate her-self her apartment. Of course she was continuing to still think constantly to her mother, but, interestingly enough, this time, differently, the obsession and pain had been totally replaced, she said, by an infinite love and the intimate conviction that her mother is and will always continue to be with her. So the present she received, in complement of her physical healing was a powerful spiritual healing. Healing story 4 Another short one is about a young man who came to see me for a specific issue, too: he was suffering of panic attacks: he used to have them practically every night at 3 o’clock, starting always by being awakened by all the prior symptoms and quite often this would end to the hospital, because he would call the ambulance. As a result, he had lost a lot of weight, was completely exhausted by this situation that he could absolutely not control, and the fact of having a responsibility job (he was a bank manager), was not getting things easier, either. We did only one RH session, and few days after I was receiving an e-mail from him, letting me know that during the night after the session, he did wake up again at 3 o’clock, as usual, but that this time his panic attack turned into a crazy laugh attack, and that was the very last time, up to that moment, he was awakened for that. And here again, this is was not the only outcome: a few month later I learned that his life has changed a lot, he had left his job, shortly after, because he understood that this was not at all what he liked to do, and therefore the main source of all of his stress problems, so he took some time for himself, and was now about to start his own business, doing what he really likes. Healing story 5 This is about a woman, 65 years old, who came specifically for a hard back pain, lasting for 2 years. Even if generally, I let people know that I would prefer to know as less as possible, ideally nothing, about the problems they want to fix, sometimes they are so focused on, that they are simply not able not to talk about. She booked directly 3 sessions, we did the first two and her back pain has decreased, but not dramatically. During the 3rd session, I was working on the side on her feet, when she opened her eyes several times, as she was looking for me; I asked her gently every time to close her eyes back and we have continued. At the end when she opened her eyes, with a big smile on her face, she let me know that she was filling a hand touching her hair and thinking first that it was me, she kept opening her eyes to see where I was…but shortly after, she knew who it was: it was her deceased husband – she also could see his face. Her eyes were now in tears, tears of joy when she shared the message received from him: he wanted her to be happy and live fully her life, instead of confining at home and being depressed and sad for him …actually he was very happy…and he also thanked her for all their beautiful years. Yet, she did not speak either of his depression or her grief for the death of her husband, two years ago; she was coming right for her back pain, that’s all, because she was simply not conscious about the rest. She told me she realized now, through this powerful experience, that actually she had not really done her mourning, but only now. And she was looking so happy when recognizing that, and also was able to take her back pain for what it was: a consequence of her real pain and she went even farther, saying: “what if this was only a way to make her come for a healing, in order to receive the rest?” And this was a wonderful present she received: a healing on a spiritual level! So as you can see through these few examples, even when people come for specific issues, when they couldn’t solve them with their medical doctors, they may sometimes having them fixed, sometimes not, or not completely, but very often they may receive something much greater than they have imagined.”
Doina Lazar

“I recently had a Reconnective Healing session… It was an amazing experience as so many of my senses were engaged. I could feel my temperature changing, I felt joyful, I could feel my insides smiling. My body responded to the energy in a way that caused twitching in my arms, most notably my forearms. It was almost as if I was playing the drums. I could not reproduce the twitching of my muscles if I tried. I felt like there was a chiropractor in the room as my head suddenly moved to the right and there was a big pop as my neck seemed to have been adjusted. I could definitely feel the energy coursing through my being. At one point I felt like I was in a piece of Carnelian (orange in color) and then I “saw” the silhouette of a man that “felt” like it was from the 1950’s as he had on a brimmed hat and loose trousers. He was walking from right to left, over and over. At one point my head was turned to the right and it felt like liquid metal was pouring out of my ear… it was silver or mercury. I came into a blissful state and as I was observing the light in my mind. I was trying to place it and it became apparent that it was the hue and essence of a sunrise and then I felt the presence of my mom who passed just 7 months ago. I could hear her voice. I mean, not just imagining her voice, I could hear it…she said, “Well hello Lisa!” I could feel my dad on my right, holding my hand. He passed 16 years ago. I could see hues of green and purple and at the end I found myself laying on a bed of Moldavite…chunks and chunks of Moldavite. My energy really ramped up then and the movement in my arms accelerated. It was amazing! So delicious. Ginger knew that I wrote poems for my clients so she asked me what would my poem be and I recited one, what a treasure that has been to me. I am so grateful to be on this journey and to be experiencing the Reconnective Healing energy.”
Lisa Seyring

“Reconnective Healing found me because I was dying and I didn’t know it. I had a RH session and then I realized that this is huge, that it’s beyond my understanding but also that I’ll be able to understand somehow and that I deserve it. I realized that it wasn’t my time to die and this was part of my new reality, because what I was living wasn’t real. And because I always knew there is magic, universal magic, love. With RH I felt it’s real. I discovered and I’m still discovering that we are able of everything, we have infinite power and the universe is love. I recovered my tenderness; I was getting harder and harder, focused on empowerment from the hard side and now I’m more and more connected with the tenderness and love, every day I’m more sweet and loving, which I couldn’t believe to be able to do or be. I’m writing a book about that right now – which I didn’t even think I would do something like this. I’m in clam and I feel the Nature. I feel the oneness. I can see beauty in everything. I’m a little girl again. And I keep supporting RH because others deserve this also, they deserve discovering all this, at their own way. And, by the way, my blood, pressure and general body state is now balanced and strong.”
Margarita Alvarez

“My client Saskia came to me and told me she was confused. She had just finished a severe cure in the psychiatric center. She felt confused and no longer knew who she was. After two RH sessions, two essential things have changed. – Her ever-present pressure on the chest was gone. And that takes with the stimulus to escape. She was flabbergasted – She also got space in her chest area and now for the first time she can breath freely. Now she experiences a sense of living space. Het normal feelings are back. After two sessions Saskia is very happy that she feels like a living person again.”
Marian Corneliesse

“A woman in her early 40’s came to me for a Reconnective Healing session…She arrived sitting in a wheelchair, with her husband who held her by her left elbow for her not to fall when he helped her out from the wheelchair and a cane on her right hand to help her keep her balance. She had been in an accident four years earlier after having had a very successful career, after the accident she ended up in a wheelchair, having to give up her job, her life had dramatically changed and she was devastated, physically, emotionally and mentally. I facilitated a first session on her, she had an incredible amount of what we call “registers” (involuntary movement s) on her legs and body. When the session was over she told me that she somehow had the certainty that she was going to be well again, a voice she felt more than heard told her so during the session. She came back for two other Reconnective Healing sessions, for her second session she didn’t need her husband to hold her, on the third she had left her cane at home (and never needed it again) She then decided that she wanted her Personal Reconnection…after that, her words, “I feel alive again” Never again has she used the wheelchair (she donated it) nor the cane, she went back to work, and if possible now she uses stairs versus elevators. She is very much the vibrant woman she was before her accident, everything that was stagnant in her life has disappeared, she sold the properties that no one would buy, the perfect job opportunity was all of the sudden offered to her, her family life bloomed once more.”
Carlos Velez

“Today it has been 5 weeks that I did the second Personal Reconnection session. My life is different. I am different. Underneath everything I experience, I feel a deep sense of peace, a trust that I am exactly in the right place and moment, and a trust in life that I am taken care of, safe, and guided on my path. After two years of being stuck in a conflict, my divorce is now moving forward and the relationship with my ex-husband and son’s father is very relaxed and positive, almost friend-like. My son is happier, more open, growing and overcoming some challenges that he has had for a while, and our relationship has stopped feeling like a strenuous undertaking and is now full of joy and wonderful happy, playful moments. I have lost my fears for him, and I have lost the worries about doing something wrong, or not providing him with something he might need. I have gotten obsessed with experiencing the Reconnective Healing energies and the relief they bring to me, and facilitating them for others, and I am on my path of learning more, growing and opening up, and integrating the experience on all levels into my life. Before I saw Mery for the sessions, I had been in a professional crisis, unable to feel what I wanted and to move forward, and frustrated with always hitting my head on the same wall. Now I am not only moving forward, but I am working together with an amazing professional that is taking all the tasks from me that I never wanted to do – so I get to do what I love, and what I am good at. It really feels magical. I am learning to experience all these wonders and shifts in my life and accepting the experience that it unfolds in front of me without any control on my part. No doubt, there is a before and an after for me through the Reconnection sessions with Mery. Thanks to her for her wonderful presence, awareness and support, and to Eric Pearl for dedicating his life to teaching something so amazing, and advancing our understanding and openness to a new dimension, identity and life experience. I am eternally grateful for being able to experience something so beautiful.”
Katharina Seidler

“Level 1 online is really very well done. Jillian Fleer and Eric Pearl are really clear and exude so much love and sincerity towards humans that this course is even more fun to follow. They are both complementary. I thank them with all my heart for the well being they provide. And I really enjoyed taking this course online.”
Christelle Piquet, France


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