What Remains After Everything Is Known-Two Part Mini-Course


This mini-course includes: 

  • A two-part video presentation series by Dr. Eric Pearl and Jillian Fleer.
  • Eric and Jillian’s personal stories into The Reconnective Healing Experience®.
  • The experience of surrendering when things are happening beyond your control.
  • A simple and powerful way to heal.
  • The art of giving healing by receiving.
  • Two POWERFUL exercises.
Give the Gift of Healing!

    In this two-part mini-course, Dr. Eric Pearl recalls a profound exploration of his personal story into Oneness and The Reconnective Healing Experience®. He intimately shares how he navigated his way, no longer seeking the “who” or “what” that was instructing, guiding or informing the healing frequencies, as he received the absolutely clear understanding that we are all one with everyone and everything around us. Participate in connecting with your natural healing ability, thus eliminating the illusion of separation… and fully embody healing through the art of receiving!

    Jillian Fleer explores her revelation of losing “normal” and exposes what this brought up for her in her own life. Learn what it could look and feel like for you as the collapse of anything and everything that is no longer a part of who you are now unveils your everpresent being. Jillian reveals the hidden challenges and hurdles that came up for her with this revelation and offers insights as you navigate the changes to your own perceived “normal” in your everpresence.


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