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True Healing isn’t a process

It’s an epiphany of inquiry and knowingness.”

from The Direct Path to Healing: A Trinity of Energy, Light & Information®



Over the past three decades Dr. Eric Pearl has shed a new light on the essence of healing. Undeniably,  Reconnective Healing®  and the Reconnective Healing Experience™ (RHE) have redefined both what healing is and how it is received. Through Jillian Fleer’s insights, it has become clear the RHE has shown us how our direct awareness connects us to the essence of healing itself. Moreover, it gives us a healing experience available to everyone and not limited to the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual: it is infinite. Additionally, it is devoid of tools, steps or rituals to follow. In brief,  Reconnective Healing®  is the direct path to healing.


Dr. Eric Pearl and Jillian Fleer

The Classics

Immerse yourself in the origins of Reconnective Healing® and The Reconnection® with these ground-breaking titles, The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself and Solomon Speaks on Reconnecting Your Life.

Just Published

Explore The Direct Path To Healing: A Trinity of Energy, Light & Information® , written by Dr. Eric Pearl and Jillian Fleer, and discover who can heal, and what healing really is.

Our NEW All-Access Reconnective Life Community (RLC) will feature weekly conversations with Dr. Eric Pearl and Jillian Fleer, video recordings from past events, and a 24/7 video library you can check out anytime. And best of all, this new membership is FREE!

For the last thirty years the Reconnective Healing® Experience has brought instantaneous healing, deep transformation and accelerated evolution to countless people around the planet. We hope these healing stories inspire you, maybe even validate for you your own Reconnective Healing® Experience.