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Learn how scientific research has validated Reconnective Healing® and the Reconnective Healing® Experience.

The following is a sample of some of the most poignant white papers generated by the scientific research into Reconnective Healing®. From validated DNA self-repair and enhancements to visual proof of how it corrects and expands our biophotonic cell function, Reconnective Healing® scientific research astounds with its findings.

Reconnective Healing® scientific research - Leaves green and alive after 90 days

Gary Schwartz, PhD

The University of Arizona’s Human Energy Systems Laboratory conducted a series of carefully designed, controlled scientific experiments with Dr. Pearl and other Reconnective Healing® Practitioners to determine whether the Reconnective energy was something measurable and real in the laboratory. Dr. Pearl and several of his students served as senders while volunteers acted as receivers in the studies.

The multiple studies showed that the Reconnective Healing® energy functions like an electromagnetic signal.

One study set out to examine what transpires when Reconnective Healing® is applied to plants. Plant leaves were selected and matched for size and consistency. What was known was that when leaves are separated from their life source (stem or trunk) they die. When leaves are in this process of dying, they actually bleed—not blood or fluid—but light. Light leaves the organisms as they die. In each experiment, the control leaf in the pair was left to die naturally. The other matched leaf was subject to one of several healing modalities.

The naturally extinguishing leaf died in seven to ten days. The other leaf with energy applied lasted approximately 90 days–eight to ten times longer after receiving Reiki, Qi Gong or Reconnective Healing®. But here was the interesting distinction: With Reiki, the leaf’s recovery started fast and then faded; with Qi Gong, it started slower but lasted longer. However, when Reconnective Healing® was applied, it started faster and stayed MUCH longer helping to keep the leaves alive as long as 90 days.

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 Nikola Tesla
In this video excerpt from The Portal: Reconnective Healing® Online Level I Course, Dr. Eric Pearl explains the numerical importance of Nikolas Tesla and how it touches the very nature of the Reconnective Healing® Experience.
Mobility augmented during Dr Oz Show presentation by Dr Eric Pearl

Two forms of energy healing, Reconnective Healing® (RH) and Reiki, which involve light or no touch, were tested for efficacy against physical therapy (PT) for increasing limited range of motion (ROM) of arm elevation in the scapular plane. Participants were assigned to one of 5 groups: PT, Reiki, RH, Sham Healing, or no treatment. Except for no treatment, participants were blinded as to grouping. Range of Motion, self-reported pain, and heart rate variability (HRV) were assessed before and after a 10-minute session. On average, for PT, Reiki, RH, Sham Healing, and no treatment, respectively, ROM increased and pain score decreased. Physical therapy, Reiki, and RH were more effective than Sham Healing for increasing ROM.

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During a workshop demonstrating Electrophotonic Imaging based on the Gas Discharge Visualization technique, a series of experiments were conducted using Reconnective Healing®, group intention focused on effecting the energy of a vial of water, and a novel use of a didgeridoo for sound therapy.

The EPC/GDV techniques show the effects of the healing and group intention activities. In addition, the ambient energetic activity of the workshop room was monitored during various eras, using the new antenna device that has been added to the Electrophotonic Imaging/Gas Discharge Visualization camera system. Interesting variation in the ambient energy was observed among the various eras with different workshop activities.

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Image of bitfield repaired by Reconnective Healing
Konstantin Korotkov

 Drs. Konstantin Korotkov, Dmitry Orlov, Krishna Madappa 

Various instrumental methods have been developed for observing human emotions in psychology, the neurosciences, and machine learning studies. These methods are mostly directed to detecting individual, personal emotions. The focus of this study is developing instrumental methods for remote detection of human emotions, both individual and collective. A new antenna device has been added to the Electrophotonic Imaging/Gas Discharge Visualization camera system. Examples of data are explored from a water blessing ritual, healing workshop training, musical performance, geophysical measurements during a solar eclipse, and a shamanic ceremony. These preliminary indications demonstrate a potential for mapping the effects of human emotions. We propose an international collaborative project for a Geoactive Zones Database: developing maps of energy parameters for sacral subjects and a program for study of their influence on the human psycho-physiological condition; in relation with both the environmental situation, and the health and psycho-types of people.

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Reconnective Healing® Performed On A Subject Suffering From Emaciated Lower Limbs

Changes in body’s energetic conditions were measured by the AMI (Apparatus for Meridian Identification) through the three sessions of the Reconnective Healing® performed on a subject who had lower limbs emaciated and had been unable to walk for 6 months prior to this study. Before the healing trial, significant Qi-energy deficiencies and left/right imbalances were detected in the subject’s lower body, suggesting a condition in which substantial Qi had shifted to the upper body (+23%) and consequently the Qi in the lower body had been depleted. Similar upper/lower imbalances were detected in the autonomic nervous system function and the body’s protective function, indicating that their activity levels in the lower body were significantly diminished.

As the healing sessions progressed, both the Qi-energy deficiencies and left/right imbalances in the lower body were corrected and the normal balance of Qi-energy distribution in the subject’s meridian system was restored. This restoration of Q-energy balance seems to have been realized by redistributing the subject’s own Qi-energy. Concurrently with this replenishment of Qi in the subject’s lower body, the activity levels of both the autonomic nervous system function and the body’s protective function in the subject’s lower body were increased. These results strongly suggest that the functional revitalization in the subject’s body system took place particularly in the lower body as a result of the healing. This study provides support for the reality of Qi-energy adjustment in the so-called Non-Touch Energy Healing, despite the absence of the physical interaction between the subject and the healer.

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Reconnective Healing® scientific research from experiment focusing on Reconnective Healing® Performed On A Subject Suffering From Emaciated Lower Limbs