Explore The Portal Chapters

The Portal Chapters

Your journey through the Portal will engage, inspire and surprise you. Past experiences show that the moment you Open the Portal, the frequencies begin acting in your life. There are many things to discover about Reconnective Healing, and this comprehensive online course (10+ hours) gives you the foundation you need to receive the frequencies and begin to understand that you can heal yourself and others. Read and watch below to get a sense of what awaits you… and then Open the Portal for yourself.

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A Conversation with Eric

Reconnective Healing is an evolution of not just knowledge, but of knowingness! Eric’s inspiring discovery of Reconnective Healing while practicing as a chiropractor gave his patients exquisite experiences, allowing them to become extraordinarily more in touch with the universe. Even family members of Eric’s patients began to report spontaneous healings. RH enables us to more consciously access and interact with the multidimensional universe changing our lives in phenomenal and unprecedented ways. It allows us to truly become multidimensional beings.


Beyond Perception 

There are things we naturally perceive when we’re attuned to the RH frequencies. Yet all too often we allow others to dictate how we see things. When someone says to you that something “can’t be true or science would have proven it,” that person really needs to think again. Everything has to exist before science can discover it… or science would have nothing to discover! If we come from fear or doubt, we often find ourselves in argument and conflict… both with others, and with ourselves. The Reconnective Healing bandwidth is a highly coherent spectrum of  Energy, Light & Information® that allows our day-to-day to be lived in a state of knowingness and peace

Find, Feel and Follow the Frequencies

Reconnective Healing is a new vibrational reality. It activates and expands your awareness with no technique required! In The Portal Online Course, we explore levels of elegantly simple exercises that enable you to better connect with the frequencies. Practicing in your awareness of the frequencies entrains you to this fully comprehensive bandwidth. Exploring these movements allows your awareness and connection with the RH frequencies to  become second nature as  an abundant being in an infinite realm of possibilities.


The Interconnectivity of Science & RH

Multiple scientific studies have measured and confirmed the effects of Reconnective Healing. Tangible and physiological changes are seen consistently in both practitioners and those receiving Reconnective Healing. In a study by Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, the self-aware biofields surrounding the body after RH are filled with higher intensity and connection. Quiessence is a sought-after state of awareness sometimes achieved by master meditators after decades of practice. Incredibly, RH practitioners instantly enter this state of quiescence the moment they interact with the RH frequencies.

Wholeness and Life Progress

Reconnective Healing doesn’t require faith, hope of belief because, like you, IT JUST IS! The RH Frequencies interact with us regardless of our professed ‘openness’ to them, restructuring our very DNA and raising the level and coherence of the light we emit. It raises our vibration to a point where our densities – our health, life, love, relationship and career challenges – have pretty much nothing left to hold on to, so they vibrate out of our systems and lives. They fall away. And healing, wholeness and life progress… is just that simple.


Eric and Solomon

“I want you to wonder…”
“I want you to realize another plane… part of a much greater plane…”
“You have always been part of the cycle…”
“You are here to facilitate your perception…”

These are some of the first words spoken by Solomon to Eric as they embarked on their journey together… Solomon as mentor, Eric as student. Come along on your own journey with the wisdom and words of Solomon.
“You are coming into a plateau of existence…”
“We have much to understand in this space.”

Listen with a New Part of Yourself

The Reconnective Healing frequencies are like a language that is heard through process. As you learn the process that is RH, you are tuning in and paying attention to a specific ‘sound’ – albeit not necessarily an audible sound. In the online course, we will connect with an intelligence that places you, us and others into the sphere of clarity, presence, healing and love. Reconnective Healing is the organic Intelligence of pure possibility. It is that which sees beyond the thinking mind’s perception of possibility and connects you to the language of the multiverse.


Questions and Answers

It’s natural to have questions about RH, especially when it’s new to you. In addition to covering both introductory and advanced topics in RH, the Portal Online Course answers many of your pressing questions such as why we experience our RH sessions and our Personal Reconnections so uniquely and yet so similarly? How is it that RH doesn’t diagnose or address symptoms and yet so many times our symptoms or diagnoses vanish? And how is it that the RH Intelligence knows where to go and what to do? Open the Portal today to begin your healing and to bring healing to those around you.

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