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The Direct Path to Healing: A Trinity of Energy, Light & Information

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Unlock your full potential with the Reconnective Healing® Online Essentials Course, an 8+ hour immersive experience led by Dr. Eric Pearl and Jillian Fleer. Dive into self-discovery, transforming your life through interactive exercises and groundbreaking insights into energy, health, and consciousness. It includes two-full episodes of The Inner Compass series, in which you will explore profound questions about love, healing, and worthiness. Accessible anytime on your devices, this state-of-the-art course bundle is your gateway to a higher vibrational reality. Start your transformative journey today and embrace the ultimate personal growth experience!

The Inner Compass Series - Complete Coursework - All Hours / All Themes - in English



Reroute your inner compass and find your true voice with The Inner Compass Course & Series. This transformative series, featuring Dr. Eric Pearl and Jillian Fleer, provides transparent and intimate storytelling that inspires answers and solutions to blossom from within. Explore habits and perceptions that hinder trust in your instinct, expand your self-understanding, and develop effective ways to upgrade your life narrative. Each episode, including themes like Worthiness, Change, and Freedom, comes with a dedicated workbook to continue your personal discovery. Embrace a more coherent and fulfilling life withThe Inner Compass Course & Series.

The Inner Compass Series - Complete Coursework - All Hours / All Themes - in English



Discover the transformative power of Reconnective Healing® with The Six Phrases – a 12-part e-Learning series with Dr. Eric Pearl. This unique course delves into six profound phrases revealed to Dr. Pearl by his patients in a higher state of consciousness. Each phrase serves as a catalyst to understanding Reconnective Healing®’s foundations. Get this course and gain access to high-quality video episodes, each exploring a phrase, and companion lessons that dive deeper into Reconnective Healing®’s enduring mysteries. Whether you’re a new seeker or a seasoned practitioner, this course offers a rare opportunity to deepen your understanding and connection with the profound philosophy, art, and science of Reconnective Healing®.

What Remains After Everything Is Known

Two Part Mini-Course

Dive into a transformative journey with Dr. Eric Pearl and Jillian Fleer as they share their personal stories in a two-part video presentation series. Discover the profound Reconnective Healing Experience®, exploring the art of healing through surrender and the power of oneness. Dr. Eric reveals his journey into understanding our interconnectedness, while Jillian shares her insights on embracing change and uncovering your true self. Join this mini-course to connect with your natural healing abilities and experience the powerful shift that comes with receiving.

Heal Others, Heal Yourself 

with Reconnective Healing®

Livestream Replay

Experience the power of Reconnective Healing with our Heal Others, Heal Yourself Livestream Replay. Originally recorded at a Reconnective Healing® training program in Palm Springs, California, this special event, presented by Dr. Eric Pearl and Jillian Fleer, offers an in-depth look into Reconnective Healing®. Engage with the Reconnective Healing® frequencies, discover the simplicity of healing, and realize the potential for profound personal change. Join us to explore self-healing, experience a distance healing session, and learn to tap into this scientifically recognized bandwidth of Energy, Light & Information® to heal yourself and others. Don’t miss this opportunity to move past your perceptions and embrace a new reality.

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