About Kelly Woodruff

Kelly Woodruff was born in Tennessee and raised in central Florida. He is currently a partner in the architectural and interior design firm of Bohn Architecture & Design, PC of New York and Miami. He is head of the design department.  

Kelly was introduced to Reconnective Healing in 2003 and became intrigued by the profound simplicity and truth of the work.  He found within himself, a deepening desire to help others. His passion is in teaching them to discover and understand the work for themselves. He has traveled teaching with Dr. Pearl at seminars and events throughout the world. Kelly is an original graduate of the Reconnection Associate Instructor Program. He was one of only three people authorized by Dr. Pearl to teach the foundation work of Reconnective Healing.  He has also worked with Dr. Pearl and the Reconnection Team to ensure the high quality of all seminars and curricula. Additionally, Kelly headed up the Associate Instructor training program for several years. 

Kelly was one of the original founders of the Reconnective Yoga program.  The exploration of the frequencies within a yoga practice deepens the understanding and experience of both yoga and the Reconnective Healing Frequencies.  He continues to expand and deepen this practice and is looking forward to expanding this program.

Kelly has been gifted with this opportunity to expand his consciousness and credits Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection with a great personal shift. Thus allowing him to enjoy this time in life as a period of great insight and experience.  Kelly has participated in research projects on Reconnective Healing by some of the most pre-eminent scientists on the planet.  In addition to teaching, Kelly offers sessions of Reconnective Healing, The Reconnection, and Practitioner Mentoring. Kelly’s personal practices are in New York City and Miami.