I am Marcela Barbotto. I believe in the strength of love, in giving thanks every day. Magic is real because I am a testimony of it.  Freedom is a way of existing that helps us let go and lighten loads. I believe in healing and I believe in life.

This frantic race against time

In one way or another, all of us have experienced one or several moments of cut-off, which make us stop in this frantic race against time and the multiple tasks in which we have immersed ourselves because “we have” to be successful and productive. For me, Marcela, that moment came a little over a decade ago. I didn’t always know that this was my passion, the vocation that today fills my days with so much love.

I was a very rational business manager until I fell into what I call a black hole due to various situations that completely devastated me. It was difficult for me to find my purpose in life, nor even want to get out of bed. I went to many therapies with little progress, but I knew there must be something more. One day, I heard some words on television that resonated with me, and for my birthday, my mom gave me the book The Reconnection by Dr. Eric Pearl.

A light bulb turns on

With Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection, I saw magic in my life. Like when a light bulb turns on to dispel the darkness, I felt light. It was a rebirth for me. Something had already been planted in me, and I decided to go to the United States to train with Dr. Eric Pearl. In 2011 I qualified to be a professional Reconnective Healing and Reconnection facilitator, and in 2012 they invited me to be part of their team of International Instructors.

After 22 years of working in the financial sector under the shelter of a company, I had doubts. But when the great changes and advances began to take place, I became even more convinced that I had chosen well, that my mission was validated: “to be a guide and instrument of love so that human beings continue with their evolutionary process, protecting their energy vital and strengthening their self-esteem.” I dedicated myself to accompanying people in their life healing processes from that moment on. Showing them that the power is in each one. We only need to balance ourselves and evolve to reach our potential.

Be grateful when they leave you in the dark because they force you to turn on your own light. I thank an illness that I suffered and the crisis that led me to discover that light. Without it, I would be, perhaps, between numbers being unhappy. Instead, I have been waking up with my life purpose traveling throughout my body for the past ten years, marveling at the magic that resides in the world.

You heal yourself

You heal yourself. I will just accompany you. That’s why I believe in you. I believe in the gifts that each day brings, caressing the heart and connecting with our essence and what we really are. I believe in hope, I believe in a new chance at life and I believe in rebirth.