The Six Phrases to Reconnect Your Life – Full Course


12-Part e-Learning Series with Dr. Eric Pearl

Through a dynamic series of conversations, Dr. Pearl explores the Six Phrases that were delivered to him by more than fifty of his patients while they were in a Reconnective Healing® higher state of consciousness. These phrases were both a clear sign of, and a meaningful catalyst to, the understandings that would lead to the founding of Reconnective Healing.

Give the Gift of Healing!
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    Subscribe to the Six-Phrases Online Course and Receive:

    • Six separate high-quality video episodes, each discussing one of the phrases:
      • Presented and narrated by Dr. Eric Pearl
      • Dr. Pearl reveals in each episode previously unpublished information about his interaction with the intelligence known as Solomon
      • Students can watch/re-watch the video – at any time, indefinitely
      • Each session is about 30+ minutes in length
    • Six companion video lessons videos, each complimenting one of the phrases:
      • Six to seven related topics presented and discussed by Dr. Eric Pearl
      • Companion lessons delve deeper into some of the enduring mysteries of Reconnective Healing
      • Students can watch/re-watch the video – at any time, indefinitely

    FOR THE NEW SEEKER . . . This is a rare opportunity to interact with Dr. Pearl and introduce you to the foundation upon which Reconnective Healing® was revealed and developed into the philosophy, art & science that it is today.

    FOR THE RH PRACTITIONER . . . This course will re-excite our wonder about Reconnective Healing®, create greater depths of understanding, and help to expand communication with our clients and our community.


    Nearly 25 years later, these Six Phrases are just as relevant as the day they were first uttered. They are significant to the past, present, and future of humanity, and of Reconnective Healing®, which shows us how to become the new Energy, Light and Information of our planet.

    Reconnective Healing® has gracefully transformed millions – from individuality into oneness, from particle into wave, from those who are guided into those who may guide. By immersing ourselves in the Six Phrases, and doing so in a community of like-minded seekers, we embrace what we already instinctually know about ourselves and our human evolution: we are connected to everything and everyone.


    Dr. Eric Pearl ran a successful chiropractic practice in Los Angeles when Reconnective Healing® first presented itself in his life and changed him forever. He Observed, Noticed, and Experienced what was happening within his patients, and within himself. He has channeled his experience into a life-long journey of discovery and sharing. Reconnective Healing® can be taught and passed along to others and is a highly evolved form of energy interaction. It continues to advance our health, balance, and quality of life progress, with infinite freedom and expanded consciousness. Dr. Eric Pearl has committed his life to introduce us to healing, in the deepest sense of the concept, and to teach us how we may both facilitate healing, how to become healing, and indeed be the healing itself.


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