Reconnective Healing® Training Program


Training Program

Why Learn Reconnective Healing®?

The Reconnective Healing® training program is where you will realize the accelerated presence of healing in all areas of your life. Under the personal guidance of Reconnective Academy International, you will recognize and own your personal mastery and relationship with the Intelligence of the Reconnective Healing frequencies.

Our gathering will ignite new revelations and receivership with the Reconnective Healing Intelligence, where it is the conduit and YOU are the Catalyst for yourself, as well as everyone and everything in your life. Together we will bring about the most powerful Catalytic Spark in you and root a magnificent and coherent healing inspiration, forever transforming your life, humanity and our planet! This is your greatest opportunity to be all you are!

Pre-Requisites for the Reconnective Healing® training program

Details About the Program:

  • Under the personal guidance of Reconnective Academy International you will realize dynamic healing with a whole new level of freedom in all areas of your life… and help others realize it in theirs! 
  • This unforgettable live experience emphasizes your ownership of the work, and includes extensive practice modules – with concentrated table time where you will immerse yourself, cohere, and powerfully transform together with your classmates.
  • You will learn distance and holographic healing, participate in the art of receiving and facilitating the RH session experience, and explore the science and philosophy that is Reconnective Healing.
  • Whether you’re seeking a personal lifetime opportunity, or want to go further and become a Foundational Practitioner, this spectacular life-changing event is for you!


All in-person training programs are offered through the
Reconnective Academy International

Reconnective Healing® Prerequisites

  • Receiving a Reconnective Healing® Session from a Reconnective Healing Foundational Practitioner (RHFP)*.
  • In-person RH sessions will be available on-site during the program. However, we recommend having your session in advance, if possible.
At a RH training program

Becoming RHFP

(Reconnective Healing® Foundational Practitioner)

  • After successfully completing the entire  Reconnective Healing® training program, participants will be offered the opportunity to Agree to our “Standards of Practice”.
  • Those who agree to the “Standards of Practice” will receive a Certificate of Completion, and obtain the title of Reconnective Healing® Foundational Practitioner (RHFP).
  • An RHFP may offer and facilitate Reconnective Healing® Sessions professionally, and may choose to be listed in our Global Practitioner Directory.
  • RHFPs are also eligible to further their training in the future, and attend the Reconnection-Certified Practitioner Program, where one learns to facilitate “The Reconnection®”.
  • Completion of these programs does not grant permission to teach. Only Dr. Eric Pearl, Co-Instructor Jillian Fleer, or members of our authorized Reconnection Teaching Team may teach this work (please, click here to see our team). If you are not sure if an event is being taught by an approved Instructor or member of The Reconnection, please feel free to contact us at

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the Reconnective Healing® Level II Live Immersion Weekends

The program lasts two days from about 9:00 Saturday and ends at about 19:00 Sunday.
Yes. This course will prepare you to become a Reconnective Healing Foundational Practitioner. Your attendance is required for the full 2-day training session. You will be asked to sign in and out during break times to validate attendance.
Dress comfortably and in layers as your body temperature may fluctuate during the course of the training programs. We suggest wearing socks and loafers or slip-ons versus sneakers/laced shoes. You will be removing your footwear often during the training session.
You will not need a laptop as all the training is done live. You may want to bring a pad and pencil to jot down questions. We collect the written questions and they are addressed throughout the program at predetermined times.
You’ll be learning the different ways of Observing, Noticing and Experiencing Reconnective Healing.
Think of the Online Essentials Course as your “Undergraduate Degree.” It’s all new concepts, and learning is done best at your own pace. There you will learn the basics of the science behind Reconnective Healing, as well as the simple approach of feeling the frequencies.
So then the Live Immersion would be your “Masters Degree.” Here you will entrain with the frequencies during the live training, learn from the instructors, watch and share with fellow students. By practicing the approaches over and over, and defining your own sense of style. The feelings become more pronounced and evident. Also, here you receive the foundation of becoming a Reconnective Healing Foundational Practitioner.
Students who successfully complete all of the training and satisfy prerequisites** will receive an invitation to become a Reconnective Healing Foundational Practitioner to practice within the Standards of Practice and Policies of The Reconnection LLC.
Completed the Online Essentials Course prior to receiving the Certificate
Verified your attendance for the entire Live Immersion
Have received a Reconnective Healing session
Agree to, and honor the Reconnective Healing practitioner code as indicated on the Evaluation and Information form.
If you do not agree, you will not receive the certificate that allows you to facilitate professionally. Instead, you will receive a letter of completion.
There is no definitive cycle to when and where we run training events. It’s based upon demand and the various other program, webinar, and media schedules. When you have completed the Online Essentials Course, we encourage you to attend the next program wherever and whenever convenient.

Can I invite family and friends to come watch?

Unfortunately no as this is a closed training session. However, you may have an opportunity to have them participate in a distance healing or a short healing session in person at no additional cost. Session Instructions will be sent to registrants with complete details about a week prior to the program dates.
Trainings are led by Global Teaching Team.
If/when Dr. Pearl is at the live immersion, he will be assisting the lead instructor to start you on your journey. Personal sessions from Eric will not be available. However, he will be more than happy to chat, socialize, and answer questions throughout the program. 
You could also book a distance session with Dr Eric or Jillian Fleer prior/post program:
Book a RH Distance Session with Dr Eric or Jillian
We strongly recommend that you stay overnight and depart on Monday at the earliest. This allows you to complete the training program in a relaxed frame of mind and assimilate the weekend in a more pleasing atmosphere with your fellow attendees. It also allows you to bond with like-minded people.
To keep cost of the training program at a minimum we usually do not supply meals. We try to supply names of local vendors when possible. Lunchtimes tend to vary, so you might want to bring a small snack such as a protein bar or fruit which you can eat on a break.
Yes! If/when Dr. Pearl is present at the Training Program, bring your book if you want to get it signed by Dr. Pearl. Book signing will only be available at specific times.
This training program will cover the origins of Reconnective Healing, its unique energy healing approach, its science-based background and how to access and utilize the frequencies as an energy healer. It will cover awareness moments, nuances, challenges, and suggested best practice on launching a successful Reconnective Healing practice. There will be many opportunities to work with Reconnective Healing frequencies in self healing, one-on-one and even in group situations. We will also have various segments of Q & A. Agendas vary slightly depending on schedules.
You will be practicing and ultimately be a catalyst of mini Reconnective Healing sessions on fellow students.
We ask you not to take photos during the program hours, as we want you to be fully present and an attentive observer. We also ask you to place your phones on mute as so not to disturb the class.?
We respectfully request you to reserve taking photos to the time when we are taking official breaks throughout the two days.
As for photos, we ask for you to refrain from using a flash. We also ask if you post them on social media, that you tag us with #ReconnectiveHealing and/or @reconnectivehealing.
Explore and have fun! We’ve intentionally chosen some of our favorite cities in the world for you to discover the local sites, people, art, and cuisine.
Additionally, we are having more and more post-training session social events to share some downtime. These are great opportunities to talk and bond with your fellow students.  Check your email for some of the great sites and fun things to do in our host cities.
Of course! Don’t worry if you are coming alone. Many people do. Part of the training is to practice with different people each time so you will be connecting with a variety of people.
You are enough! Everyone can do this because it’s so simple. Don’t worry if how you facilitate a session looks different than the student next to you. No one style is “better” than anyone else’s. Everyone develops their own understanding of listening with a different sense.
You’re not doing anything wrong. Registers are simply visual indicators. Some clients can show none while others can show several at once. Others show registers so very slightly, that they may seem to be barely breathing. The visual registers may be interesting, yet let your attention be on listening with a different sense.
No, there is not an exam or test to take at the end of the program. You will need to agree to the standards of practice if you wish to become a professional Reconnective Healing Foundational Practitioner.
That’s up to you but fair exchange practices are discussed in the training program.
The training session is split between discussion topics and practice of exercises wherein you will be sitting about half the time and standing the other half. You will also take turns of being the practitioner and laying on the massage table as the client. Please plan accordingly.
The greatest discount is available by registering for the O.N.E. Experience (which includes The Online Level I Course + The Catalyst Live Immersion In-Person Level II). Yet, we do offer the Online Level I Course and The Catalyst Live Immersion separately, as some people would like to begin with the Online Level I Course before committing to a specific location for the upgrade to The Catalyst.
Yes. Those who have taken the live Level l and Level ll, or have taken the Online Level I Course and The Catalyst Level II but would like to experience it again, can avail themselves to our special 33% discount on any O.N.E. Experience (alumni prior to April 2017), or any Catalyst Live Immersion Weekend (Catalyst Live Immersion Weekend alumni only).
Unfortunately, this is something we cannot help with.