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“It’s God, Love, Universal Intelligence, modulating in the sensation-frequency of Energy, Light & Information® known today as the Reconnective Healing Experience. Furthermore, this is the Direct Path to Healing.”

– Dr. Eric Pearl and Jillian Fleer, The Reconnection

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About Reconnective Healing

Over the past three decades The Reconnection has shed a new light on the essence of healing. Undeniably,  Reconnective Healing® and the Reconnective Healing Experience™ (RHE),  have redefined both what healing is and how it is received. The RHE has shown us how direct awareness connects us to the essence of healing itself. Moreover, it gives us a healing experience available to everyone and not limited to the physical, mental, emotional, or religious: it is infinite. Additionally, it is devoid of tools, steps or rituals to follow. In brief,  Reconnective Healing® is the direct path to healing.

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The Reconnection


The O.N.E. Experience

When Level 1 and Level 2 are purchased together it is called the O.N.E. Experience
1 & 2 (purchased together) is The O.N.E. Experience

The Reconnection & Reconnective Academy have proudly partnered to bring you global Reconnective Healing® seminars and training as well as retreats.

The Reconnection

level I

The Portal
Reconnective Healing®
Online Course

Learning Reconnective Healing® is as easy as signing up for The Portal: Reconnective Healing® Online Level I Course.  As a matter of fact, you can access it instantly via your desktop computer, laptop, tablet and/or smartphone. Discover both the foundations of Reconnective Healing® through short video segments and numerous exercises and, as a result, start to use them in your everyday life!

level II

The Catalyst
Reconnective Healing®
In-Person Training

Ready for a complete immersion in the Reconnective Healing® frequencies? Sign up for The Catalyst: In-Person Live Immersion Weekend – Level II.  What’s more, you can choose from our ever-growing list of programs offered around the world. Indeed, prepare yourself to experience growth in ways you’ve never dreamt of!

level III

The Evolution
Practitioners Program

Expand your practice and help others experience both accelerated growth and personal evolution. Sign up for The Evolution: The Reconnection-Certified Practitioners Program (RCPP) Level III.  Specifically, learn to connect the body’s meridians to the energy lines of the planet and the universal energy grid.

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