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WE ARE EVOLVING Over the next several weeks we’ll be unveiling a new, simple, elegant message: the direct path to healing® is yours now, if you want it.

True healing transcends the conventional notion of a gradual process; it’s a profound revelation born from sincere questioning and instinctive understanding. It’s not about following a predetermined path but rather experiencing a direct, instantaneous, and enduring transformation. Embracing this perspective is an awakening to humanity’s inherent capacity for healing, urging us to recognize the simplicity and immediacy of our own innate healing power.


The Portal offers 8+ hours of online learning, divided into short and engaging segments. It covers the science and the philosophy of Reconnective Healing® as well as 16 effective exercises to engage with these healing frequencies.

The goal of Reconnective Academy is to provide top-notch assistance and support to all practitioners of Reconnective Healing, past, present, and future, who approach their practice with love, dedication, and a deep understanding of its philosophy.

Our NEW All-Access Reconnective Life Community (RLC) features weekly conversations with Dr. Eric Pearl and Jillian Fleer, video recordings from past events, and a 24/7 video library you can check out anytime. And best of all, this new membership is FREE!