Reconnective Yoga- Spring 2022

Spring 2022


Namaste and Welcome!

Namaste and Welcome to our new Reconnective Yoga membership page. We are so excited to be able to offer you this new forum where we will be able to engage in conversation, share our experiences and ideas, ask and answer questions and access/view the playbacks. Our opportunity to share and build this community of Reconnective Yogis will be invaluable in deepening our practice and continuing our exploration of the marriage of the ancient science of Yoga and this new language of Healing – The Reconnective Healing Experience. We will continue to build and add content week to week throughout our series and we hope you will take this opportunity to join the conversation.

Series 14 has already started off with a beautiful practice setting us up for deeper exploration. Thank you for joining and please feel free to reflect on your experiences and share. Let’s get the conversation started!

Sending much Love and Light,
Kelly (and Maya and Dante!)


This is a collection of interesting stuff, inspiring information and general advice to help you grow your skills


    Week #2
    May 14
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    Week #6
    June 11
    Week #3
    May 21
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    Week #7
    June 18
    Week #4
    May 28
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    Week #8
    June 25


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