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Reconnective Healing
Online Level I Course
Voices & Reviews
They've been exploring the Portal & so can you!
A Doorway to Transformation
See what's in The Portal and why we created it.
Expand Healing & Evolution
Release expectations & Interact w/ Energy, Light & Information.

You Will Learn...

  • To interact with Energy, Light & Information® and help effect healing and evolution
  • To release the expectations and perceptions that challenge your daily life
  • To experience lasting knowingness, peace and love beyond the constraints of time and space
  • How the Reconnective Healing Frequencies transform your DNA
  • To recognize and harness your true, infinite potential
  • To expand your self-evolution beyond Mind-Body-Spirit and into connection with everything (Oneness)
  • How to Heal Yourself and Others!


What You Are Getting...

  • 8+ hours on-demand video
  • 64 short lessons
  • 100+ learning videos and content
  •  2 full video chapters from The Inner Compass Series
  • Full lifetime access on desktops, tablets and mobile
  • Personal progress questionnaires in each course


Required to attend The Catalyst (RH Live Immersion Weekend - Level II)


Explore What's in The Portal


A Conversation with Eric
Reconnective Healing is an evolution of not just knowledge, but of knowingness...


Beyond Perception
There are things we naturally perceive when we’re attuned to the RH frequencies...


Find, Feel and Follow the Frequencies
Reconnective Healing is a new vibrational reality...


The Interconnectivity of Science & RH
Multiple scientific studies have measured and confirmed the effects...


Wholeness and Life Progress
Reconnective Healing doesn’t require faith, hope of belief because...


Eric and Solomon
"I want you to wonder..." "I want you to realize another plane..."


Listen with a New Part of Yourself
The Reconnective Healing frequencies are like a language that is heard through process...


Questions and Answers
It’s natural to have questions about RH, especially when it’s new to you...

Why Should You Do This...

Bring healing to your life, to your loved ones and the world around you

Dissolve and move past the perceived limitations that define your life

Discover a new resilience and unleash your purposeful potential



About Dr Eric and Jillian

Dr Eric Pearl ran a highly successful chiropractic practice for 12 years when one day his patients began reporting healings as Eric simply held his hands near them. Dr Eric & Jillian, his life partner and Director of Insight & Development, travel the world teaching live events, courses and virtual programs in what science today calls the Reconnective Healing Experience. Having brought Reconnective Healing to over 100 countries affecting the lives of millions of people, they’ve created The Portal so that you access the ultimate learning experience through the Reconnective Healing Online Level I Course. This is the entry into and onto your new expanded life-landscape.



You Should Start The Portal if You Want to...


Bring Healing to Friends/Family
You want to bring physical, psychological or spiritual healing to the people you care about… and want to learn a simple and boundlessly effective way to do this.
a Practitioner

You want to actively facilitate the infinite healing we're designed to share... with friends, family, community & the world! Develop healing clients, generate potential income, & effect a change in the lives of everyone you meet.
Broaden Your Mental & Spiritual Journey
You’ve explored meditation, mindfulness and other spiritual practices and you’re now ready for a more direct awareness. You want peace and balance amidst the chaos of any and all of life’s circumstances.
Explore the Science of Oneness
You seek to understand the tangible changes & transformations that take place during the Reconnective Healing Experience - physical, biochemical, mental, emotional, spritual... and stand ready to receive & experience the science behind them for yourself.